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We stayed in Lothlorien for about a week. During that time I tried walking on my leg to see if it was  getting better, but I never got a moment of alone time. Because between Legolas and Aragorn they never left my side to make sure I was okay. 

"I'm getting a drink" I said one day while sitting agasint a tree one day. I got up and started walking to the fountain to get some water when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see both Legolas and Aragorn getting up to follow me. "I can get in myself, without you two" I said irritated. 

"We just wanted to make sure you're okay" Aragorn said concered. I got mad, even though I knew they were only trying to help. 

"Well I'm fine. I'm am capable of doing stuff on my own." I said. I glared at them until they sat down, and then I walked off to the fountain. 

                                                                 Legolas' Point of View

 I watched as Felicia walked off to the fountain. I wanted to go with her. Mostly because I didn't want to leave her side, but I could tell that she wanted to be left alone. I could always tell when she was mad. Her voice got stern unlike her usaul melodic sound, and her eyes got wide and flared with flames. 

That was my favorite physical trait about her, her eyes. They were big for an elf, and they were a deep brown that you could stare into forever. They showed so much of her emotion, yet they were still mysterious. Another thing I liked was her hair. It was long and it was like black silk, and it cascaded down her back.

She started limping back to us looking refreshed. I could tell it from her eyes. She smiled at us as she returned. As she smiled her one dimple showed, and then she sat down beside us.

                                                                 Felicia's Point of View

I sat down, and grabbed the book I was reading. I opened to the page I was at and started reading, but I wasn't really reading it though I was thinking. I was thinking about what Aragorn had said earlier that week. I stayed like that for awhile until Aragorn touched my hand.

"Are you okay?" He said. Iooked at him.

"Yeah. Why?" I said wondering if he could read my mind.

"You've been on the same page for the last 20 minutes" He said smiling. I could feel my cheeks began to flush.

"Oh, well I was just thinking." I said

"About what?" He asked. I could tell Legolas was listening.

"Umm," I said not wanting to tell them what I was really thinking. "I was just thinking about the trip ahead, and what lies ahead"

He nodded. Later that day I was in my tent, and then Aragorn came in. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I feel fine," I said. "My leg feels a lot better, I think we can move on" I smiled.

"I was hoping you would say that," He said "Well in that case, we will be leaving in the morning. You better get a good night sleep. We will walk for about an hour to the river, and then we will depart for Lorien, and head down the river on boats for about a week." 

When he said that we would be on the river for about a week I happy because that meant that I could relax my leg more. Even though I told Aragorn that my leg felt better, it did but not what I was hoping. 

The next morning I got up and packed a bag. I walked out of my tent and silently said goodbye. I walked over to the rest of the fellowship who were ready to go. All four of the hobbits smiled at me.

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