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"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."

-          Omar Khayyam


We arrived at Zeke's place, the music was pumping and the room was crowded with drunken people. Some were playing beer pong, others were dancing and some were just chatting. We spotted the guys and walked up to them.

"Hey you made it! Wow you guys look great." Kev shouted making Meg blush and me and Levina to smile.

"Don't we know but thanks bro for pointing it out." Levina said with a cocky grin. I looked around and saw Zeke in the kitchen so I walked up to him though it wasn't easy considering all the people that were dancing. I finally reached him and as soon as he saw me the corner of his mouth turned in to a big smile.

"Hey candy bar, you are here! Here have a drink," Zeke hugged me and gave me a drink. I smelled it and I knew it was alcohol. I took a sip and soon a burning feeling erupted from my throat, I liked it. I smiled at Zeke and he motioned me to follow him to a couch were we spotted Four sit drinking and chatting with some woman. I sat down next to Four who gave me the biggest smile, he was wasted and I was so going to tease him about it later.

"Hey it's my little sweetmeat, come here and give me a hug." Four spluttered and I couldn't help but laugh at his drunken state.

"Four you are drunk."

"Nah, I am fine." Zeke laughed at Four and put an arm around the woman's shoulder.

"Candice, I like you to meet my girlfriend Shauna. Shauna this is Candice the girl I was talking about."

"Hi, nice to meet you. I didn't know Zeke was capable of getting a girlfriend non less keep her."

"It's nice to meet you too and believe me I am as shocked as you are." Shauna laughed.

"So you are the girl everyone's been talking about? I've heard a great lot about you."

"All good I hope."

"All good. Although, a certain leader seems to have a grudge on you, that's what Lauren says anyways."

"Oh yes Mr Dauntless leader, he sure can hold a grudge." Zeke smirked and stood up.

"Hey everyone! let's play a game."

"What kind of game?" I asked.

"Candor or Dauntless, it's like truth and dare only Dauntless style." Zeke explained.

Matt and Kev moved the couch and me and Levina moved the table to make room for everyone on the floor. We all sat on the floor in a ring, well those who wanted to play that is and Zeke explained the rules.

"Ok so the rules are simple, someone pick a person and that person has to choose between Candor or Dauntless meaning if you choose Candor you have to answer the given question truthfully, pick Dauntless and you'll be given a dare. If you don't answer the question or doing the dare you have to drink, got it?"

Everyone nodded and the game started.

"Ok I'll start, Uriah Candor or Dauntless?" Zeek asked his little brother.

"I am not a pansy cake, Dauntless." Zeke smiled.

"Ok, I dare you to drink whatever I make you." Zeke stood up and walked to the kitchen to make Uriah something. He soon came back and handed the drink to Uriah who gradually took it and swept it down.

"Dude what the fuck was that!" Uriah asked while coughing.

"That is my own little recipe little bro. Ok Uriah you're next."

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