Chapter 1: Running With the Pack

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*Seth's POV*

    The pack has been growing. Since the Cullens arrived are group has been the biggest it's ever been. Last winter we thought we would lose the vampires, which we now consider friends. We also thought we would lose members of our family, if the little meeting with the Voltori ended badly some, or even all of us would be dead. They told me I should stay at home, stay with our families. They thought I couldn't defend myself just because I was younger than them. But that didn't stop me. Missing out of the action and defending the ones I love, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

    I circle around a tree as I wait in the woods behind Paul's house. Sure he had a temper, but he was able to contain it and we started to get close. Today we were suppose to go out hunting together. There wasn't much we could do today. There weren't any battles coming up, and all the vampires set out for Bella have all lost interest. But we still visit the vegetarian vampires once in a while. Jake was still imprinted on Renesmee so he visited them often. He once thought he would never imprint, just happens to be that he did, and with a vampires daughter! How crazy is that? But she's still part of the family. The rest of the pack worried and was a little upset. But I accepted it with open arms. It's not like we could stop it, it already happened. Which brought me to one question. Would I ever imprint?

  I was brought from my thoughts when I hear rustling in the leaves and see Paul's wolf form appear in front of me.

    "Ready?" His thoughts spoke in my mind. We talked though thoughts because as a wolf, we couldn't talk out loud.

    "Yeah, let's go." I think back and start running to the left, towards the beach. I thought we could go hunting and then go for a little swim. But away from the humans eyes. They would freak and report seeing killing wolves again. They haven't reported anything in a while but we still had to be careful.

    After a good 20 minutes a bunch of voices call in my head. The rest of the guys, including Emily, had changed form and were now out hunting too.

   "Hey. Wait up." It was Jacob. "We should hunt together. Like old times."

    "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Nessie or something?" Paul spit out.

     "I had to hunt. But I promised I wouldn't be gone for long..." Jacob says as we near each other.

  After another minute or two Paul and I run into the rest of the pack. We all run together. Like old times. When things were simple...

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