Pass Me A Fag

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Written by @bandsmakememosh69
Edited by @homesickdrone

I laid on the fairly large bed that was located in our small room. Gerard was in the kitchen, finishing the dishes from the late dinner. Gerard didn't like me smoking in the room without him, but this time I really needed one.
I was thinking about how Gerard and I hadn't been "with" each other the last couple months.
I was almost down to the filter when Gerard finally came in. He took one look at what I was doing and shook his head. "Baby, you know I like for you to smoke with me." I put the bud out and sat up. "I know. Today's just been kinda hard and everything. And I've been thinking a lot." Gerard set a puzzled look on his face. "What have you been thinking about?" he asked me. "Just how we haven't been... intimate with each other in a while, and I know it sounds greedy but I miss being able to make love to you." I said while looking down.
Gerard sat down on the bed and stretched his arms out. "Just ask and you will receive my love."
I was puzzled. Was that all it took? Did I just need to ask this whole time? Fuck.
"Gerard, can we fuck tonight?" I said while blushing. He looked at me and grinned. "Depends, do I still get to call you by your little pet name?" Gerard said as he crawled over to me. "Yes."
That was all it took from me to get him to pin my arms over my head. "Good my dirty little slut." He moved both my hands to where he only needed one of his to pin them down, then he started to bite my neck and use his free hand to pull my hair. "Do you like that slut?" I moaned a yes to him and he continued to pull my hair but this time letting go of my hands to move his down towards my crotch. "F..uck," I breathed out. He knew I liked this way to much and he lived for it.
All the lust running through my body just from this little bit of forplay, drove me wild. I need him. Now. "Your such a tease." He looked down at me. "Is that so?" He replied. With that he pulled off my pants, and shirt along as well. He wasn't playing anymore.
I pressed my lips onto his and kissed him with a mixture of passion and lust. His lips tasted so pure. That's a lie. They're just so delicate against mine. I pulled away and whispered in his ear, "Fuck me like you need me."
He pulled off his pants and underwear with one swift movement. I took one look at his hard member and bit my lip. If I wasn't already turned on, that alone could have done it for me. He took off my underwear, leaving us both naked.
"Fuck, where's the lube?" Gerard reached over to the shelf next to the bed and pulled a bottle of lube out from the drawers. He squirted out a little bit onto his hand and started to kiss me. "Are you ready my dirty little slut?" I nodded my head up and down slowly and bit my lip again. He stroked the lube onto his member and placed my legs around his sides. I grabbed onto the bed sheets, getting ready for him to start pounding into me.
He trailed the tip around my entrance. I softly moaned out as he slowly started to go into me. "Fuck I forgot how tight you were," he said as he moved his hips back and forth, hitting my g-spot perfectly. I moaned out louder, causing him to go faster.
Soon the room was filled with our moans and the bed filled with our sweaty bodies. I could hear his grunts, getting me close to the edge, our bodies perfectly intwined with one another.
With every thrust he made, I got closer to cumming. "Fuck f-rank, your so fucking amazing," He thrusted into me harder. "I'm about to cum," I said while moaning. "Don't cum till I tell you too," Gerard said. He moved his hand to my member and started to jack it off. I moaned out Gerard over and over. "Now you can cum you dirty slut."
We both climaxed at the same time. Gerard pulled out and kissed my forehead. "You were amazing baby," He laid down and I rested my head onto his sweaty body. "This is why I love you Gerard." "What, my puns or the sex?" I giggled. "Both," I replied.

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