Chapter 31 ~Owls

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Chrissy's POV:

I rolled around in my bed and groaned I hate it when I can't sleep! I blame Sam! He had me on patrols at four in the damn morning and now he says that he will handle it! I mean I was happy to give my shifts to him but my body is used to running around this time and not sleeping! I rolled on my stomach and closed my eyes, I groaned again. Maybe I could just have a chat with Jared, you know phase and no! Sam was clear about that no interacting with Jar Head until he controls his anger. I reached for my phone, and winced at the bright light attacking my eyes. Finally I got used to it and scrolled through my numbers, who could I call? Who would actually wake up just to hang out with me? Jacob? No he'll just yell at me for waking him up! Quil? Well maybe I mean he's awesome and I haven't hung with him in forever. Quil it is! I dialed his number waiting for him to pick up.

"Hello?" He groaned


"Chrissy? Do you know what time it is?" He asked sleepily

"Yes." Was my answer

"Well what time is it? Because I don't know."

"3 a.m."

"Okay now why are you calling me at 3 a.m?"

"Well um, I'm bored." I stated

"Then go to sleep!"

"I can't, my body won't sleep and I'm too bored!"

"Okay well what do you want?"

"To hang out."

"It's 3 a.m."

"I know, I already said that."

"Okay." He said slowly

"So wake up I'll be over in five" I told him

"But why?" He asked

"Why what?"

"Why are you awake?" He asked

"Because I'm bored!"

"Well go to sleep"

"Quil!" I groaned face palming "we've been over this!"

"Over what?"

"Bye!" I yelled hanging up. I got up and pulled on my shoes and jumped out my window. I ran, in human form, might I add, towards his house. Let me just say, think, it felt good to stretch and move my muscles, but it'd probably feel better in wolf form. I finally got to his house, you know I forgot something important! How am I supposed to get inside with him asleep, I don't even know which window is his. Oh I know! I'll call his cell and follow the sound! I pulled out my cell and dialed his number listening for his to ring. The right side of the house! I sprinted over to there three windows, which one is it? Oh that one! I knocked on the window and heard something fall down. I smiled as he opened the window swinging around with a wooden stick. I grabbed it a pulled it away making him start to swing at me.

"Oh! Quil!" I yelled smacking him across his face. If he wasn't awake before he should be now.

"Ow! Chrissy? What are you doing here at, four in the morning!" He yelled glaring

"I called you telling you I would be here in five minutes!" I yelled back he winced

"Okay" he said slowly before adding "I don't remember any of what you said that you told me."

"Just let me in!" I said he moved and let me inside. I walked into his room.

"So why are you here and not letting me sleep?" He asked I sighed annoyed

"Because I'm bored!"

"Okay then sleep!" He smiled

"I can't sleep!"

"So you're nocturnal?" He concluded

"What the hell is that?" I asked

"Like an owl." He stated squinting his eyes and looking deep in thought.

"Are you calling me an owl?"


"Then what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you're nocturnal."

"No! Quil" I groaned he looked at me confused. "What does nocturnal mean?" I asked and when he was about to answer I cut him off. "And don't say like an owl."

"Nocturnal means you sleep during the day and that you're awake during the night." He stated

"Oh! Well I'm not 'Nocturnal'" I said mimicking his voice. He rolled his eyes

"Then why can't you sleep?" He asked I was about to answer when, "No don't tell me let me guess! You're a chameleon! No you're Spider Girl!"


"A dodo bird!"

"Quil" I repeated

"A wood pecker!"

"Quil!" I repeated louder

"No I've got it! You're Mystique! Of course it's so obvious! Don't kill me now that I know because I'm too young to die! That would mean we aren't really related! So then I could fuck you and it not be incest or you could just take me as your sex slave and I'll willingly go with you! Just don't kill me! I won't tell anyone!" He babbled on. I could barely hear what he was saying, he was talking way to fast!

"Quil Ateara V!" I yelled at him causing him to jump and shut up. I sighed and his words finally caught up with me before I smacked him upside the head. "Seriously! Mystique? Quil you've got to stop reading so many comic books it's making you too into their world and not in the real world! And we really are related, I'm sickened by what you've just said maybe, no not maybe, but you are a horny bastard just like Jacob! Wait until I tell him! He'll be furious!" I yelled at him hitting him upside the head once more. He frowned.

"Okay so why can't you sleep?" He asked

"I'm not tired! Did you think of that?" I asked him. His eyes widened.

"Oh, of course! I knew that!"

"Sure you did Quil"

"So, um, why did you come here?" He asked I glared and sighed

"Quil, if you ask one more question about why I'm here or why I can't sleep, I swear I will fucking kill you!" I threatened. His hand went up to his mouth where he sealed an imaginary zipper.

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