She let me stroke her.

Alien: the curves, the harmless podge, the clean skin, smooth legs, little hidden gem of a cunt.

I was a boy, and she was my school playground for an evening. It wasn't orthodox, I knew; it wasn't what normally happened, but I was starting to accept that. The strange was the normal.

She was alien. She was my new friend.

"I guess we'd better pack up before Seamus gets here." I rolled off her belly, searching for my jeans.

"He wouldn't care." She didn't care.


She smiled, alien. "What, did you think we were tight or something? Think we were proper?"

I pulled on my trunks and tried to act unfazed. "Mot was what I heard."


I sat with my back to her, searching for my shirt.

I felt her hand on my back, warm, still damp. "You're too young, baby."

I stood up, searching for my socks. "Too young for what?"

She sighed, shaking her head slowly, slight smile tickling her pink corners.

I was nervous, buttoning my shirt.

"Was I shit?"

She sighed, rolling over; "No."

"I'll bet Seamus is better. I mean, that's obvious, of course he is, he's a pro. I've only been doing this for a month..."

"Stop getting ideas into your head."

"Yeah..." I said, not agreeing or understanding, "Okay."

"You know how long I've been doing it?"

I turned to her. White.

"Longer than you."

I put my shoes on.

"I've fucked, kid, I've fucked good and proper. I've been fucked more times than I can count. I've sucked, I've been sucked, I've eaten, I've swallowed, I've drank, I've had shit done to me you could only dream about."

Dream of.

"124 and a half."

Her count was loud, I turned round, startled at first, realising she meant johns and the half was me. Half pay, half size. Half a man.

"And you?"


"You're codding me!"


She was smiling, all warm; I smiled back like an eejit.

"I started off in a kip," I spilled.

She listened.

"My first john was fucking huge, but I didn't let him fuck me so the pimp had me whipped."

She was unperturbed, smiling still and breathing into her knuckles. I grinned. I lay next to her, cloth on flesh. Alien.

"I ran away of course. Nothing scared me then. I got picked up by a Garda bastard who shagged me and then I found this place."

Running reels. She was head on hand, elbow on bed, nodding and listening, interest-eyed.

"Well I fucking love it."

She sighed a laugh, head going down. I followed, a frown coming on.

(Then I'd sucked his dick.)

"Are you jealous?"

She shot upright, tits wobbling.

"Jealous? Of all the other gobs we reckon our Seamus has had blown 'im? Jasus. He's not my fucking property!"


"What's yer name?"


"I'm Aine."

"You're gorgeous, Aine."

"Glad we could share that, Aiden."

She was off the bed and getting dressed, pulling on that only velvet dress, the red thong vanishing up the legs.

"It's a shame you're a wee little poof."


"A poof!" I groaned, "I've fucked a chick and I loved it, how am I still a fucking poof!"

"Aiden," she laughed, turning to me, gems gone. "You're gonna learn."

I looked up at her, brows down, mouth open. "You're nice, Aine."

She smiled weakly. Her heels were on, her coat over the arm, her white hand on the handle of my bedroom door.

"You're gonna learn."

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