Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Brody dropped of the sample of my DNA and my 'dad' DNA to Nancy's lab to get it tested , a part of me hoped that he wasn't father, it gave me that feeling of hope that maybe my real dad who loved me endlessly was alive and out there.  I no longer had a biological mother to hold me while I cried and wipe my tears but I did have Brody and his immense support, as insane as it seemed this stranger walked into my life and made such an impact on me with Brody I felt brave and strong.

I heard the doorbell and of course it was Brody. "Hey so Dr.Nancy says the results will in by tomorrow afternoon, I'll go in and pick it up."

"Great!" I replied.

"Hey Alex I think we should go into your Dad's office and do some snooping maybe we ca find something that can help us find out his motive." "Yeah c'mon Jean left for Miami so this place is ours for the next two days."

We opened the large dark vanished wooden door and entered the office, damn this room was enormous a large window at the end of the room, his desk the middle of the room with book shelves of either side of the desk, cabinets stuffed with files this could  take days to get through.

Brody and I began prying through the office looking for a key to unlock the drawers in his desk, maybe he took it with him.

"Hey Alex come here look at the bookshelf, do you see that there's dust at the edge of the shelf except this book and the book on the shelf directly opposite, it right behind his desk.....something has to be in there."

We pulled the book out of the shelf and opened it, and there it was. A key! This had to b where he hid his desk keys.

We went across the room to his desk and of course each desk opened up. The top two drawers contained basic stationery and business like documents, maybe this was his decoy to cover up what the other two drawers had.

"Uh Brody maybe you should check the remaining drawers, I'm kinda scared of what I'll see."

Brody stood up and held me at my shoulders, "Whatever we see in there may be evidence to his motive, you got be strong with me Alex," and then he gave me a small peck on the lips. With that we quickly opened the drawers to find another key..what seriously another key... for what?

We took the key out locked up the drawers and place the desk key back in the book and onto the shelf.

Now the book on the shelf behind his desk had to be opened, if that contained another key then we'd just be stuck with two keys and not clue where to fit them.

I tried to pull the book of but it wouldn't budge, Brody gave it strong tug and it came off as the bookshelf opened up into dark stairway. Damn this was some freaky ass shit, I removed the hair tie of my hand and pulled my hair into a pony tail. "I guess we have some exploring to do don't us Miss Guerra" said Brody as he winked at me. As we were about to make our way to enter into the staircase we heard our house keeper calling 'Ms. Alex where are you my dear it dinner time come and eat'

"Brody I think we should go get something to eat and wait till she's gone and come."

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