Chapter 25

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Lucas POV

Before Nikki arrived we set everything up. Her parents and co workers helped me decorate the house. Haylee was in charge of distracting Nikki. She is a little crazy but hopefully she doesn't divulge anything.

I just finished taking the grill out of the shed I have in the corner of my backyard when Nikki's father approached me.

"Thank you son for bring us out for Nikki's birthday."

"No problem Mr. Williams. As long as she is happy I'll do anything for her."

"I wanted to ask you son, What are your intentions with Nikki? I want to know if you are with her for the long run or only for until your needs are satisfied."

"No Mr. Williams My intentions are to make her my wife and I am here to stay. She doesn't make it easy but I am in for the long run."

Mr. Williams gave me an approving look.

"Mr Williams I wanted to ask for permission to marry your daughter. I want to have your and your wife's blessing before asking Nikki."

"Son thank you for asking me. It means a lot. This shows how you are true Italian. Not many people ask these days. Vivian can you come here?" Mr. Williams called His wife over.

"Yes?" She said.

"Well Lucas here is asking for Nikki's hand in marriage."

She released a squeal that can put anyone to shame. "Yes I called it. Now I can put my plans to work. So much to do, so little time."

She started to walk away when she turned towards us and said, "Oh and Lucas if you hurt my baby I will personally buy ten inch heels kick you in the balls and the step on them until they burst."

"Well I guess son that was a yes."


Nikki POV

Lucas was by my side most of the time through out the party. He invited my friends from work, close family and some mutual friends of ours.

I had a bunch of fun. We did body shots and played games and other activities, of course after the kids were down for the count.

Since everyone had at least a few shots of alcohol in their bodies they decided to take the guest rooms Lucas had available.

It just so happened that Haylee 'supposedly' took the last room. This left me to room with Lucas.

I tried avoiding him because I discovered the farther I am from him the less my heart jumps when thinking of him. Yes I admit it, I think of him. He plagues my mind. He is like a catchy song that sticks to your mind.

I was in the kitchen looking for something to delay my inevitable confrontation with Lucas. So far I had washed all the dishes and was currently washing a cloth to clean the tables.

"You think you can hide Gattino?" Lucas whispered to my neck, his hands cornering me in between the counter and his chest.

"Well I can always try, Lucas."

"You will not succeed kitten because I will always find you. Now lets go to sleep." He pulled me up the stairs into a spacious room.

"You are sleeping on the couch Lucas." I said matter of factly.

"Nope kitten The bed is big enough for both of us and plus I know you secretly like to cuddle."

I ignored him and started stripping. Yes in front of him its not like he hasn't seen it before.

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