Chapter 22"Frontal Assault"

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The Three Galaxies


The Three Galaxies are just that, three galaxies (Corkscrew, Anvil, and Thundercloud), which are usually close together. By accepted laws of spatial physics, the three galaxies should have long ago merged into a single amorphous mega galaxy, but throughout know history (stretching back millions of years) their physical relationship has been constant. The history of the Three Galaxies is ancient and seems to intersect with the histories of all known civilizations in the Megaverse.


Since the coming of the Rifts, Earth is connected to an unknown myriad of places across the Megaverse—the proliferation of alien species across the surface of the planet is proof of that. The corner of normal space known as the Three Galaxies seems to have a special connection with Earth and its people. There are more historical, mythological, religious, mystical, and technological connections between the Three Galaxies and the planet Earth than any other two places.


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


Fire will come forth from the darkness, a heavenly fire to cleanse and scour the fields and valleys.


            - The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker



Outside the Village of Red Rock

            "I'm still human. Well at least I'm still mostly human," Tammy said.

            "What does that mean?" Meg asked. "Seriously, Tammy, it's been three and a half centuries. How are you still alive and why are you posing as a middle aged professor?"

            "I'm not posing," Tammy replied. "I am Randal Cooper, just like I'm Tammy Sanford, and just like I've been a dozen other people in the hundreds of years since you disappeared on that bridge."

            "You did this to me," Meg said her mind unsticking from the shock of confirming what the ring had told her. "You gave this to me knowing what would happen to me, Tammy." There was no question Meg was simply stating a fact.

            "Yes, you know I did." Tammy confirmed for a second time. "What you don't know is the why and how."

            "I should hate you," Meg muttered not looking at Tammy. Her eyes were fixed on the ruins of Detroit far in the distance. "I should hate you, but all I see is my friend and all I feel is sadness."

            "I died in Peru," Tammy said a single tear leaking from the corner of her eye. "We were excavating one of the smaller temples, the one I found the ring in, and I fell. It's that simple. The old masonry crumbled under my foot, my safety harness wasn't properly cinched, and I dropped down a shaft landing in a pool of water. The impact killed me before I could drown."

            Meg stared open-mouthed.

            "That's when she came to me," Tammy continued not looking at her friend as she spoke. "She was made of light and love and she made me an offer."

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