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               Harry , I Yelled As I Ran To Him " Where Have You Been ? ".

He Say's In A Small Voice, " Place's". Well He Had Be Working With His Band "One Direction" As You All Know. Well Sence I Have Been Gone I Have Something At The House For Us To Do , Harry Say's. Um I Really Don't Know If I Want To Do Anything Right Know , But I Guess I'll Do It , I Say. We Are Talking In The Car As We Are Almost To Our House. Talking About Where He Was At Instead Of Being Home , And Making Me Worry For One Week. We Arrived At The House And Harry Run's Out Of Like Car Like , If He Saw Something Or Like That. He Ran To My Side Of The Car And Open's The Door For Me , Out Of Shock I Go Along With It And Just Step Out And Thank Him For Holding The Door Open. As He Walk's Me To The House Door I Am Still In Shock , Because He Has Never Acted Like This EVER ! He Get's His Key And Open's The Door , Then Out Of No Where I Just Smell Lit Candle's And The Light's Dimed Down To Were We Could Barly See Anything. He Walk's Me In And Take's My Coat And Set's It Down And Lead's Me To The Upstaris Bedroom. I Kinda Figured What He Was Doing , But At The Same Time I Wasn't Really Sure If I Was Right. I Really Wanted To Ask Him " What Are You Doing ? " , But I Didn't Want To Mess Anything Up. As We Both Walk Up The Last Step , You Could See Red Rose's On The Floor Leading To Our Bedroom. He Walk's Me In The Room And Boom There Is Red Rose's On The Floor And The Bed. He Tell's Me Are You Ready ? I Say " Ready For What ? " He Said " Are You Ready To Change Our Life's Forever ? " A Tear Went Down My Face And I Said " Yes , I Am "He Lean's Me On The Wall , Bitting My Neck As Hard As He Can , Trying To Give Me A Hicky , Or Something. Then Slowly We Ended Up At The Bed Half Naked , And He Put me On Top Of Him And He Said , " I'll Put It In Slowly. Try Not To Yell. I Said " I Won't , But I Did Cause It Was Just The Best Feeling In My Whole LIFE ! We Ended Up Doing It For About 5Hours , Until We Got Tierd And Fell Asleep. We Ended Up Having A Beautiful Baby Boy And Named Him After His Fater , Harry Edward Styles.

Well This Is My Story. I Really Hope You Guy's Like It Is My FIRST One And I Just Wanted To See How It Goes ! Well Comment && Rate Thanks c: xoxoxo Gabby c:

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