My Cheep Pearl Necklace

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Erin pulled out a two-piece, dark blue bathing suit. Then, he turned towards me, and started to smile. It was a rape face smile too. I backed up into the wall, horrified. Sure, the bathing suit was beautiful, but his face was so weird!

"Don't look at me like that! This will look so good on you."

Erin held the suit out to me.

"It's not the suit. It's your rape face!"

Erin barked out a laugh. An old couple stared at him, causing Erin to laugh even harder. I took the suit from him, and went into one of the changing rooms. The bathing suit did look really nice on me. Blue was my color. Especially dark blue.

"How does it look?"

"It's great!"'I said. "You always know what to wear."

I walked out of the changing room. Erin whistled. "Am I good, or am I good?"

"You're the stereotypically gay alright. Now what are you wearing?"

"I'm wearing the green shorts. They being out the red in my hair," Erik said, sweeping his hair back.

I laughed. After looking around the Surf Shop some more, we decided to go home and eat pizza. Erin said we were going to get fat, but I reminded him that we should eat all we can while we can still sleep it off.

A few hours later we were heading towards Opal Beach. Opal Beach is the only beach on the island. It's twenty miles long. The rest of the island is just huge rocks.

Opal Beach was over run with teenagers. Rap music came blaring out someone's speakers. The music was so loud, I could see the speaker bouncing up and down on the sand. Erin and I watched as some very white kids tried to dance, and laughed our butts off.

"Let's go swimming before it gets dark!" I screamed over the music.

Erin nodded, yet didn't make any move towards the ocean. I don't think he heard me. I laughed again and pushed him towards the water. After tripping him a few times, Erin got the message and ran towards the ocean.

We played for a long time. Erin and I would try to dunk each other under water. Or try to scare other teens with seaweed. One girl almost peed herself when I grabbed her ankle underwater.

An hour later, Erin was throwing a football back and forth with two other guys whose names I didn't care about. I was floating on my back, just relaxing. I love the ocean. It's so peaceful. I closed my eyes and sighed.

I felt fingers run through my hair. I smiled. Erin did that sometimes when I wanted to fall asleep. I could already feel myself getting tried.

"Erin, stop it."

No response. The fingers keep moving through my hair.

"Erin, I'm serious. Stop!"

I twisted my body around so I was standing. Erin wasn't near me. He was still throwing a football with those boys. Then who was touching me? I glanced down in the water. Was someone pranking me? I kicked my foot out to hit whoever it was underwater. Someone grabbed my ankle. I tried tugging my foot out of their grasp, but the hand tightened around it. I started to panic a little bit.

"Lee, what are you doing?" Erin called out.

I didn't answer but stared making strange high-pitched noises from the back of my throat. I heard Erin swim over to me. He must have scared whatever it was away because the hand let go of me. Breathing hard, I squinted while looking into the water, trying to see who is was. All I saw was a huge orange something under the water. I think it could have been a tail, but what animal has a tail like that? And it didn't explain who grabbed me. Still staring into the water, I didn't notice Erin in front of me. I jumped when put his hands on my shoulders.

"Hyuna Lee-Johnson! What the hell was that?" He sounded worried.

"I-I don't...," I trailed off. I couldn't finish my sentence.

Erin stared at me.

"It was nothing," I heard myself say, "I think a fish brushed up against me." Yeah, that thing had to be a fish. A fish with hands.

Erin didn't believe me. "You looked like you were struggling."

"It was nothing! Can we just--I'm freaked out. Can we get out of the water?"

"Sure. Whatever you want."

I nodded. Erin put his arm around me and we headed out of the water. I saw him wave at the two boys he was with out of the corner of my eye. I was still a little scared. What was that thing?

When we got back to our towels, I noticed my necklace wasn't there. No, it had to be there. Aunt Phillis had given it to me. I dropped to me knees, and started to search for it. I shook the towel and dumped the beach bag we brought. It wasn't anywhere. Tears started to form. I had to find it. It was the last thing she gave me before she went crazy. Before she stopped taking to anyone, and stayed in her room all the time.

"Are you looking for this?" A nasally voice asked.

I jumped up to find Brittany "Dip-Shiz Face" Little holding my necklace in her hand. Erin and I called her Dip-Shiz Face because in eighth grade she ate all the humus in a classroom party with her hands, and her face was a mess the entire night. All she does is talk about how she doesn't care about anything.

"Give it back Dip--Brittany."

"Why? It's a piece of crap," Dip-Shiz Face taunted.

"Well it's my piece of crap, and I would appreciate if you gave it back," I said, stressing the last word.

Dip-Shiz Face stuck her nose up into the air. Erin made a disgusted noise. You could see all her boogers. She turned around and started waking towards the water. Erin and I went after her. What in the world does she think she was doing?

"Are you deaf or something? Give the necklace back to Lee!"

Dip-Shiz Face didn't respond, but pulled her arm back, and before I could stop her she threw the necklace into the ocean.

"No!" I shouted.

Angry, I wrenched her around. She had a smug smile. I smirked evilly. Let's see how long she'll have that look on her face when I'm done with her. I took the heal of my hand and jammed it into her nose. Dip-Shiz Face fell to the ground in a heap, blood pouring from her nose. She even started to cry. Surprisingly calm, I turned away from her and Erin's surprised look. I needed to get my cheep pearl necklace back. I started to run into the water when Erin grabbed me from behind. I struggled in his grasp.

"Let me go! I need my necklace back," I said in a strained voice.

"You can't. It's getting dark, and sharks start to come out at this time. We'll come back tomorrow morning and look for it."

"But...." I started to cry.

"Lee, it'll be okay," Erik soothed.

Erin pulled me into a hug. He knows how special that necklace is to me. We stayed like that for a few minutes. He pushed me away when I got snot on his chest.

"Bro, seriously?!?" He screamed, and frantically wiped it off with a towel.

I laughed weakly.

"Let's go home," I suggested.

Erin walked me home before turning around to get himself home. I hesitated at the door before walking in. I knew Mom and Dad were eating dinner together, probably listening to the romantic music playing in the background. I know I startled them when I slammed the door closed.

"Sweetheart are you okay?" Dad wondered. He probably noticed how red my eyes were.

I didn't answer but walked up to my room. I didn't want to be bothered. I've had enough of people tonight. When I got inside my room, I grabbed the big bag of sea glass candy I recently bought, and began to eat it. I never counted how many pieces I ate, but when I saw that the bag was more than half-way empty, I stopped eating. Stupid Brittany "Dip-Shiz Face" Little.

I took a deep breath before getting ready for bed. All I dreamt about that night was an orange tail swishing underwater.

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