The Room was dark except for a glowing light coming from the t.v a young girl sat, wide eyed infront of it, crossed legged and clutching a pillow "NO!" she shouted "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" she stuffed a handful of popcorn in her mouth, and just, at the climax of the movie, there came a loud bang, from upstairs and a scream...

"NAOMI!!!" she shouted, she sprinted up the stairs "is everything okay???!!!" she cried, when she entered the room she found her two little sisters rolling about on the floor, reefing each others hair and slapping each other, she growled in annoyance, she pulled her sisters apart, Nadine was 8, she had long brown hair and hazel green eyes. the girl looked at her sternly and said

"behave!" nadine rolled her eyes at her, then stuck her tongue out when she caught sight of her younger sister, naomi, she was 6, her hair was to her shoulders, it hung in beautiful blond ringlets, her eyes were dark blue, the girl gave her the same look, naomi pouted

"Selina! nadine started it! she stole me high scho.." naomi complained, before being interuppted by nadine, shouting at her in an extreemly glaswiegen voice

"I Did'nae steal anything! it's mine naomi!"

"But you gave i to me!" naomi exclaimed

"Well now am takin' it back!" nadine teased, just the a knock came from the front door, selina groaned

"Now listen" she ordered her little sisters "ma left me incharge, so your gonnae listen tae me, okay? you stay up here, ill bring ye up a drink and a biscuit, stick oan a film and a don't want tae see ye fur the rest a the nite, understand? nae playin up coz ma palls are here, okay?" she waited for no reply she stormed from the room and stomped down the stairs, her friends all arrived one after the other, first was rhiann and gemma and courtney, rhiann had medium length brown hair and chocolate brown eyes she was tall and thin, she wore her specks a black decorated top and skinny jeans next was gemma, she had layered brown hair and dark-ish blue eyes, she was quite thin and wearing a pink addidas jumper, skinny jeans and high tops, then came courtney, she had long brown hair and really light blue eyes and rosy cheeks, she was chubby and wearing a black vest top, waist coat, jeggins and black boots, later followed by other friends such as richie brian dylan michael lewis alicia kayleigh mogly lewis ect, the couch and main floor was packed, four bowls of chrisps and popcorn rotated around the room. about half way through scream 2 the popcorn ran out, selina jogged out the room to refill the bowl, on her way back in, her phone ringed, it was a text from an unknown number reading: LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM

selina giggled "Sooooo funny guys! let me hear you scream? im soo scared" selina made a face of mock horror and screamed her most convincing fake scream "okay? so who sent it?" she asked waiting for someone to fess up, she stopped laughing, her friends were looking round at each other, everyone seemed puzzled, at that very second they hear a Sharp piercing scream coming from the kids bedroom, followed by another cry for help, this scream was more urgent than earlier, selina, courtney rhiann and gemma bolted up the stairs, only to find the second storey window open and nadine on the floor crying....

"what happened!!!" selina screamed popping her head out the window "where naomi!!!"

"Naomi!" nadine cried "A man...a mask...out..out the window..." nadine's voice shaked nearly as much as her body tears streamed down her face

"What happened!" selina whispered shaking nadines shoulders.

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