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Knock knock knock.

Who could that be? And at this time! i wondered as i walked to the front door. It was 12 midnight.

I unlocked the door and pulled it open. to my shock Ryan stepped in.

'Why would he knock?' I wondered. He's already got his own key. Plus, he never does.

"Hello." He smirked.

"Get lost." i growled. Instead he walked to my kitchen and leaned against the counter.

"Oof. baby, your coldness kills me." He grinned and I had to fight myself not to look into his eyes. because i knew if i did the if would be game over. I would know for sure that i had fallen for him.

Oh who am I kidding?! I already know! I love him!

Ignorance WAS bliss, though.

"Why are you here?" I sighed.

"I missed you." His smirk was back. If only his words were true..

"Greaat. Why are you really here?" I tapped my foot impatiently as I checked the time on my phone. Man! I really needed to get to bed or I would be knackered tomorrow. My sleeping pattern had been off the wall recently. Ever since I'd fallen for this stupid boy!

"OK. seriously. I miss you. I miss hanging out. Strangely, I miss hearing you insult me. And I just.. I miss you. A lot."

He now sighed and dragged his long fingers through his messy black hair.

I frowned. 'This boy's crazy' I thought to myself.

"You came to my apartment at at this time of the the night to tell me you missed me?" I stared at him incredulously.

"Well.. Yeah. I don't know, I cant explain it. Things have just been weird between us recently and I just don't understand it and I.. Miss my best friend, I miss the way we were." He mumbled.

"I don't know what your talking about. Things have been perfectly fine between us Ry." I lied.

Stupid me for falling in love with stupid you.

"Bullshit!" He snapped. "I'm not dumb OK. What's up? What's wrong?"

"Did i do something?" He asked after a few moments silence.

I rubbed my temples, sensing a migraine coming along. I was starting to get angry. "No, of course not." I replied when really I wanted to say "Yes! You suddenly became very beautiful and precious to me. That's what you did!"

"I'm not budging until you tell me what's up." He retorted, to my dismay.

"Oh for God's sake!" I grumbled angrily. "Go home already! I'm tired and ill and I have to wake up early tomorrow, so just go away!"

"Not until you tell me what the hells going on!" He snapped back.

"Nothing is going on you idiot! So if its attention you want then go fuck off to Chanel or whoever your latest chick is and just leave me the fuck alone!" My blood was starting to boil.

"Why are you angry at me!?"

"Wecause i am!"

"Why? What the fuck did i do? And where did Chantelle come in all this?"

"Ryan." I said in my meanest voice. "Just get out."

"Not until you tell me!" He yelled.

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