Chapter 9

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Demoni's POV

"Bae" I mumbled from my side of his bed,after the moviesWe ended up coming home to his place while my sisters went their own ways

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"Bae" I mumbled from my side of his bed,after the movies
We ended up coming home to his place while my sisters went their own ways

"Hmm?" He said,his eyes still closed
"What we doing today?" I asked,rubbing the sleep outta my eyes before going to kiss on his lips

"Not shit,we staying in today" and with that,I smiled
I get to spend time with my bae or whateva

I got up to do my morning routine and he got up,coming in the bathroom behind me
"Gimme kiss" he mumbled,looking down at me through the mirror
I turned and gave him a peck but he grabbed me and full on tongued me down
I pulled away and looked at him
"You weird" I said before turning around back and grabbing my toothbrush

He smacked my ass before going to the toilet to relieve himself

"You so damn pretty bruh" he said looking at me
"Yu about to propose or some shit?" I asked with an eye roll

"Just might" he said before stepping into the shower
I side eyed him for a minute before stepping into the shower with him

"Bathe me,daddy" I said with a small smile

"Keep talking like that and see if you won't be sore whole week" he mugged,making me laugh before he turned me around,washing my back with the washcloth
"You enjoyed yourself last night mama?"

"Which part? movie or your fingers in my pussy?"
"Boy be so for real right now,obviously the movies" he said with a laugh

"Oh well,yea I enjoyed myself,it was funny" I said with a small smile on my face before being turned again to face him

"Bruh how the fuck did I manage to get you?" He asked looking into my eyes

"I mean,idek, one online followed leaded to you being my man" I shrugged "some female can't relate,they in yo requests" I laughed loudly

"Yo lucky ass" he mumbled while I looked down,I seem to always forget how big he is,even on soft
I grabbed him and rubbed the tip making him jump a little due to it being unexpected

"Stop it" he said
I looked up at him with a menacing smile before getting on my knees

"Bro be serious rn,get up"

"No" I said before taking him into my mouth,he looked down and rolled his eyes before putting his left hand on my head and used his right to play with his nipples

I pushed all of him down my throat and kept it there for a minute before coming up and going to work on him
"Moni fuck wrong with you boy" he moaned,I guess it was feeling too good cause my baby was loud as hell

I sped up my pace and he threw his head back so I pulled his length out, "Unt unt daddy,look at me" I said while lashing it on my face
He looked down at me with low eyes, "good boy" I said before going back to work
I felt his dick twitch in my mouth, letting me know he liked my praising

"You gon cum for me pretty daddy..?
Break all in my mouth and force me to swallow it all?" I asked him before slowly pushing him in and out of my mouth

"Nah ion wanna cum in yo mouth,get up and turn around" he demanded

I listened and got up,turning to face the wall
"Arch yo back bitch" he said aggressively

I moaned at the way he was talking to me before I let out a louder moan when he pushed his inches into me

"Fuck,you ain't even warn a nigga,oh fuck"  I said shutting my eyes

He roughly fucked my hole open,all the while, my hair in one hand and my neck in the other (one hand on neck,one hand in frontal😭🙌🏾)
"Ouu daddy you fucking me so good" I said pushing back on him
Matching his strokes while arching my back more

"You a pretty ass slut for me baby,I like it" he said,kissing my back making me loose my shit

I slipped into my submissive space and started numbing incoherent shii,tears in my eyes as I begged him to fuck me harder

He pulled up and smacked my ass "go to the room." He demanded
I complied and limped to his room,laying flat on my back
"Aww my princess knew what I wanted" he smiled like he wasn't just deep in my pussy like how that submarine deep in that ocean

"Hold yo legs up" he said,slapping my pussy making me whimper at the feeling
I pulled them up and watched him go down,face in line with my vagina

He sucked on my clit intensely, while pushing two digits into my open hole

"You gon come in my mouth then on my dick"  he said before going back to work
Spiting on my clit and Sucking it up back all the while finger fucking me
I felt a familiar knot in my stomach and I released into his mouth

"That's a good girl" he come up smiling with my wetness all over is mouth and chin

He grabbed my neck and kissed me roughly while pushing his dick in my pussy once again
I moaned into the kiss before pulling away from his lips
"Fuck you so big" I moaned with low eyes

"Oh am I?" He smirked,giving me slow deep thrusts
He rolled his hips into me,making my eyes roll back "Unt Unt baby ,look at me" he said,repeating what I told him earlier

I looked up at him through my eyelashes,my eyes probably red and watery
"Such a good boy for me" he mumbled before coming down to kiss on my neck while I scratched at his back "yea baby,give me those marks" he said into my neck before biting it

I came onto his dick before I felt him break in me.

He rode out his high before pulling outta me "i'a never get tired of you or yo pussy baby" he said before picking me up taking me right back to the bathroom where I urinated and took another shower

"If I gotta suck yo dick before getting fucked like that,whew best believe I will" I mumbled staring at the man standing before me.

"Yea yea whatever baby,put on yo clothes so we could go to bed"

Hey my babies, I missed doing this Omg
My phone was broken so I ain't had no access to my account
But I'm back now my luvs
Hoped you enjoyed
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