Chapter 2 [ The one that ran away ]

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You're happiest while you're making the greatest contribution.
~ Robert F. Kennedy



Today is Will's birthday meaning he Is now 16 and will find his mate. I am currently getting ready for the party. I have to wear a maids uniform because I wan only going to serve everyone there.

" ANGEL GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE. OTHERWISE I AM LEAVING YOU AND YOU CAN WALK TO THE ALPHA'S HOUSE!!! " Yelled Nick. I rushed down the stairs knowing that he always follows through his threats.

" I'm here " I state. He looks at me with disgust and says

" When we reach there, just pretend you don't know me And I don't know you okay? I'm too embarrassed to have you as my sister. " I nod my head slowly, fighting back the tears and putting my poker face on.

I walk to his car and sit in that back, knowing he hates it when I sit in the passenger seat.

About ten minutes later, we've reached and we climb out his car and he goes to the party while I go to the kitchen.

// Cake Time //

I carry the cake with me because Luna Emily has mind linked me that it's time to cut the cake.

I walk to the grand table to place the cake as everyone sings happy birthday, Just as I am  about to put it down, the most amazing smell hits my nose, making me drop the cake in shock.

Everyone gasps as they hear someone say  'MATE' the same time as me, I turn around to meet the same gorgeous blue eyes that belong to Will.

That's when realization hits me.

Will's my mate.


Angel freaking loveheart was my mate.


I have to reject her.

" I William Goode, future alpha of the blue moon pack reject you Angela Loveheart future Luna of the blue moon pack as my mate ".

The minute I said that I instantly regretted it. Everyone started laughing at her and my parents shook their heads in disbelief while she looked so broken and fragile, all I wanted to do was hug her.

I pretended that it didn't affect me and put my famous smirk on. The minute I did she ran to the stage and wiped away the tears which were running down her face. And wore one of her own smirks which made the whole room turned silent because no one had ever seen her like this before.

She said.

" I'll be back. And when I am, well let's just say. karma's a bitch. "And with that she walked out of the room, leaving everyone's jaws dropped to the floor.


I can't believe that just happened, I'm done - I'm leaving.

I run out of this house, this place and most importantly this pack. I'm done with this, I can't take it anymore, I can't handle being called fat, nerdy, weak and pathetic.

I run and run and don't stop.

Well, that is until I notice some people surrounding me, I stop immediately so I don't bump into them and accidentally losing balance, falling to their feet, a man grabs my arm and roughly pulls me back up on my feet.

They're going to kill me, I just know it.

I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for my death.

But it doesn't come so I open an eye and peak through to see them eyeing me strangely. We all stay silent until a man, maybe in his forties breaks the silence.

" What brings you to my territory?". I wipe my tears away with the back of my hand.

" I ran away " I simply answer.

" Why, rouge ? " Another man, who looks the same age as me asks.

I cringe at the name, the name rouge is given to a werewolf who does not belong to a pack.

" I was rejected by everyone..... Even my own mate " I whisper.

" That's okay, It happens.Why didn't you go with your family? " The old man asks.

" What family?. My parents are dead and my twin brother hates my guts. I have no family " I say bitterly and look away, unable to bear their sympathetic eyes.

" I'm sure your brother doesn't hate you " soothes another boy a year or so
Older than me says.

" How would you know? I was treated like a Slave! You weren't there you didn't see or know anything! So don't say anything you don't know or aren't sure about! " I spat out in anger making them flinch.

" Sorry, " I whisper in regret, feeling bad for how I reacted

" Please just kill me already I can't handle this anymore" I plead them after a while of silence.

" We're not going to kill you, sweetheart " one of the teen boys says while smiling.

" Why don't you join our pack? " The old man suggest, catching me off guard

" What? You want me to join your pack?" I question in complete shock.

"Yup " the other teen boy replies, smiling.

" Thanks for the offer, but I don't want to be rejected all over again " I mumble, shaking my head.

" You won't be, not all packs are like your old one. We promise. " The man says

" But why do you want someone as weak as me? " I question curiously.

"You're not weak, you're stronger than you think, you just need to believe in yourself " The old man replies while smiling.

" Okay, thanks - " I say, but I don't know their names so I don't know how to finish the sentence.

" I'm alpha David of the Pack Protecting Agency and these are my sons Luke and Chase" He says, gesturing to his sons who are smiling at me.

"Thank you for letting me join your pack. I'm Angela Loveheart, but please just call me Angel" I say with a small smile and bow my head showing my respects.

"No problem, my child, follow us " David says, taking my hand.

Maybe I  finally did find somewhere I do belong.

I think to myself with a smile.


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