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*Ross's pov*

I knocked on the bathroom door.

"Who is it?" Lilly asked from the other side.

"It's me Ross."

"Oh i'm just about to take a shower so..."

"Can i join you?" I asked.

There were a long silence. Crap now she will probaly break up with me.

"Okay." She said and i heard the lock say 'click!'

I stared at the door for a second before i realiced what just happened. My girlfriend is probaly the most awsome girl ever! I opened the door finding Lilly completly naked. I stared at her for a second with open mouth. I would drowl but that would be too unsexy if i can say that.

Her Big perfect boobs and her ass kills me everytime i look at it which i do alot. Her whole body is just... Amazing!

"Really?" She asked.

"Did i just. Say that. Loud?" I asked blushing.

"Yep." She said giggling.

"Well it's true." I said almost dissapering back to my dream World again. "Shouldn't we use the jacuzzi?"

"Sure!" She said excideted.

Yes we do have a jacuzzi in our bathroom. I hurry took of my clothes and jumped down in the jacuzzi. After i had turn on the water ofcourse.

We both sat down in the hot warm water next to eacother.

"Do you wanna do 'it' has much as i?" I asked giving her small soft kisses at her neck.

"Now?" She asked.

"Now." I said. "It will be our first time as a couple." I said looking her into the eyes.

"Okay." She said and smirked. She looked at me and as her eyes went further down she bite her lip.

"You're so big..." She said.

I smirked and sat closer to her. We started to make out and i massaged her boobs. Her hands were messing with my hair but she suddenly slided her hand down to my Dick. She started to give a handjob and i moaned. She pulled back and sat down right infront of my Dick there now were hard. So hard that it were sticking out of the water. She started to lick and suck it. I tried not to come because i didn't want it to end already.

She then stopped and now it was my turn. At first i only gave her one finger and i found her g-spot.

"U-use more fingers!" She moaned.

I then put 2 fingers more into her. I trusted my fingers in and out while Playing with her clit with the other hand.

"Just get i-into me already!" She almost screamed.

"Shh my parents is her." I wishpered.

I removed my fingers and she sat on me. My Dick slided right into her pussy. Her walls are so thigt my Dick almost can't be there.

She started to ride me first slow and deep then fast but still deept.

The bathroom was soon full of our moans and groans.

"Are you okay in there?" Someone suddenly said from the other side of the bathroom door.

We both got quiet and stared at eacother.

"Say something." I wishpered.

"Um uh y-yeah i'm fine." She said.

"Okay." I could hear it was mom. She then leaved and Lilly and i bursted out laughing.

We then realiced that i were still into Lilly. She removed her self from lap and sat beside me instead. She layd her head on my chest.

"That was amazing...!" I exclamiet.

"Yes best jacuzzi sex ever!" She said. We both laughed a little and i looked at the clock in the bathroom.

"We better get our clothes on again." I said.

"Yeah." She said and we both got our clothes on again.

We walked down stairs again and we both couldn't stop smiling.

Most of my family were in our pool but Riker and Rydel were getting some tan. Lilly sat beside Rydel and i sat down beside Riker. He had his blue sunglasses on and i could see he had closed eyes.

"Was it good?" Riker asked not looking at me.

"How did you know it was me?" I wishpered.

"I could hear you smile." He wishpered back.

"What?" I asked. "Whatever. It was


"Haha we should try do a 3-way one day." He said.

"Yeah remember when we bdid that with Julie!? But no i dont think Lilly wanna do that."

"Yeah she do, look at her. You can see how horny she is 3 km away!"

"Hey it's my girlfriend you're talking about!"

"I'm just saying she is not like other girls." He wishpered.

He is right. She is not like other girls. She is different. But in a good way. I'm the luckiest guy in the world!

*Lilly's pov*

I sat down beside Rydel who had her pink Hello Kitty glasses on.

"Hi." I said.

She took of her sunglasses and looked at me.

"Oh hi Lilly what's up?" She said.

"Um well..."

"We all know what you were doing with Ross." She said and giggled.

I started to blush.

"Haha so is my brother good?" She asked like we have been bff for years.

"To be honest... He is amazing!" I wishpered.

We countined to talk until i had to go home. We became really good friends and i'm going to the Lynch house again tomorrow.


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