Tommy's Place

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Chapter 1
Ellie's POV.

Julia was right behind me as we walked into Tommy's place.
Joel hugged Tommy.
"Hey,Little Brother."
"Hey,"Joel says.
I just noticed Joel started having grey hair.
"Where's the rest of your group?"Tommy asks.
"We lost them trying to get Ellie and Julia out of the Fireflies place.They said they needed to kill them to get it.I said get someone else and I escaped with them."
"Where's your wife?"Joel asks.
Tommy shakes his head,"Don't know.She's been missing for months."
Joel nods sadly.
Me and Julia were close to Tommy's wife.
"Tommy,we found something,"a man says.
"What is it?"
"Your wife."

Sorry for short chapter but there will be longer chapters.*squeals*its the sequel

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