Chapter Thirty-Nine - The Last Hoorah

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Chapter Thirty-Nine – The Last Hoorah

You understand they've got a plan for us, I bet you didn't know that I was dangerous. It must be fate, I found a place for us. Bet you didn't know someone could love you this much.

-Big Data

I was yanked from sleep when a thick, gloved hand clamped over my mouth practically suffocating me. With his other arm, the familiar man with the dark eyes from the warehouse grabbed me around the waist and I was hoisted up. From my peripheral vision, I saw two men grabbing a startled Roman. Our eyes locked momentarily and I caught the flash of panic on his face before passing out.


"Well the kid is up, looks like Ms. Fletcher is going to be more difficult."

"Want me to kick her or something?"

"If you fucking touch her-"

"Shut up, kid. You're not in a position to make threats right now."

"I'm not a fucking kid."

"This one likes to run his mouth. Wonder if the rest of him is just as capable."

"Boss, she's coming to."

I cringed finding myself in the same damp warehouse as before. Only this time, Roman was captured too. He was sitting up with a menacing scowl on his face. Both of his hands tied behind his back. When he caught my gaze, his stare became concerned. I couldn't imagine what my face looked like at this very moment.

"Hello, blondie. Were you trying to fool us with the new do? We've been following you for years. A little blonde hair isn't going to throw us off." The same man who had grabbed me in Roman's room was talking to me now. I recognized his thick shoulders and towering build and of course, those dark eyes.

I pulled myself to a sitting position and observed my surroundings. Other than the two men I had overheard talking to Roman in my half-conscious state, there were at least five others standing around silently. The warehouse was empty safe for a few empty, wooden crates. "What now?" I asked.

"Same as before. Only this time, we have collateral." He tipped his chin towards Roman. "Give us the greenhouse and your little boyfriend lives."

Rome scoffed beside me and I could only imagine how he felt about being called 'little'.

The man glanced at him and smirked, "He's got a temper. I kind of like it. I wonder..." He approached me and grabbed me by the hair. I couldn't help but yelp in pain as he yanked me to a standing position.

Roman's face turned deep crimson. "Don't fucking touch her, you piece of shit!"

The man released his death grip on my hair, instead flattening his hand and smoothing it almost affectionately. "No, no we don't want to hurt Samantha-Jade. She's going to be good and give us what we want, aren't you sweetheart?"

His doting voice made me shiver. He was too close. He ran his hand down my back and twisted his arm around my waist pulling me so that my back was pressing against his hard front. "Don't make me do anything drastic." He spoke right into my ear. Even though his ski mask covered his mouth, I could still feel the vibrations of his voice press up against my temple. He was bending down so that he was eye level with me. "Beautiful eyes, by the way."

I gulped, looking into his dark orbs. "I haven't changed my mind." I said firmly, but my voice quivered.

"No? I can't say I'm surprised. But we thought you might change your mind."

He nodded at the man he'd been talking to a minute before. The man stomped over to Roman and pulled out a gun. He pressed it against Rome's temple with one hand, restraining Rome from moving with another. There wasn't much Roman could do with his arms braced behind his back, so he only sneered at his attacker.

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