Political Gratification: Details

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Hi, my wonderful Muppets. This is the second book I've written here on Wattpad. The first one was major fail and was deleted for that reason. This book has done consistently well, so for that I thank you all. Tell me how you like and don't forget to like, comment, recommend, add to your reading list and follow.

Neslande was always into politics. She loved it and what it stood for but she hated what it led to. Lies. Greed. Power. As an opinionated person with so little resource to express her thoughts she began the Untold Bearing, a blogging website that had tons of followers tuning into listen to what she had to say about anything.

Becoming the blunt voice for her community she strives to make the changes her legislature refused to make for their benefit.

So what happens when she speaks out about the wrong person?

Preston comes from a long line of political
geniuses as many say. Men who have made great advancements in America's history so when it's his turn to alter its Stars and Stripes he is already prepared. That is until he gets called out by a certain Haitian-American female.

His stats are now dropping and he has no other choice but the one he's been given to boost them.

He must do this all for...

Political gratification

Before you continue reading, know that all these ideas came from my own brain. From the plot, to the characters, to the name of the book... everything, so please do not steal and of my ideas, no matter how tempting. It really isn't difficult to come up with your own. Trust me.

For those loyal readers who might notice my ideas verbatim in another person's book, please notify me please.

Be creative,

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