The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 33

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We all sat in silence after Rollo left, none of us knowing what to say to the other. Cal looked like he wanted to go after him, which was a big no; I really didn’t need him getting into another fight.

Jase was sitting on the sofa, cracking his knuckles threateningly. I rolled my eyes; this was it then. All he would do for the rest of the night is think of ways to seem like he had the situation under control.

Which he didn’t.

I stifled a yawn, blinking sleepily as I looked around at everyone. They were all wearing the same basic expression.


“I’m going to bed,” I muttered, getting to my feet.

“No you’re not!” Jase snapped, leaping up. “We’re in this mess because of you; you’re staying to help us get out of it.” A laugh caught in my throat as I tried to think through his logic. He wanted me, a pregnant teenager with a slightly less than charming temper, to think of a solution to the problem of murderous werewolves.

I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere…

Cal stood up as well, growling under his breath. Jeez, this thing was becoming like a Mexican Wave.

“She’s going to bed, Jase,” he said sternly. I touched his hand, trying to calm him down. He looked down at me, his face softening somewhat.

Don’t start anything, I breathed, giving his palm a squeeze. Then, I turned and walked out of the living room, running a hand through my hair. What a mess this was turning out to be. All I was doing was trying to keep my family safe; where was the harm in that!

Sighing, I made my way up the stairs, feeling like the weight of the whole pack was on my shoulders. This shouldn’t be so hard; wasn’t pregnancy meant to be a calming experience? I was even more stressed out than before I had the wee bugger in me!

This was why women never had children, I was sure of it. I mean, I was guessing not every woman had a pack of vicious werewolves after their baby, but the common theme of “unnecessary stress” came to mind.

It took me a moment to realise why I wasn’t getting anywhere, and to remember that I had been having a mental war about the miracles of pregnancy.


I managed to make it into the bedroom without stopping for any other arguments, flopping down on the bed tiredly. I rubbed my stomach affectionately, blinking sleepily. It was ridiculous how much this thing could make me sleep. All I seemed to do was kip. It would be funny if it didn’t mean I missed so much.

But soon, I found myself drifting away, the warmth of the bed combined with the breeze coming from the open window too blissful. I curled up on my side, vaguely aware of the noise coming from downstairs.


It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later, that we realised that the threats that were coming our way, really were quite serious. Well, Ade was making them out to be…

“That’s the second rabbit they’ve left on the doorstep,” he ranted, coming into the kitchen.

“Don’t bring it in here!” Sierra shrieked, as Ade dangled the dead bunny by its ears. I wrinkled my nose in disgust; it was one thing waking up with it on the porch, but it was another when it managed to make its way into the communal eating place.

Max giggled in his highchair, clapping his hands together. Radleigh rolled his eyes at him. I didn’t know what it was; he just seemed to hate the kid. I couldn’t see why; I thought he was lovely, which was why I was cooing over him, trying to get him to eat his yoghurt.

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