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"ELEANOR, WAKE UP!" someone screams in my ear. I jump from my bed and end up falling on the floor, butt-first. I look up to see Ashton laughing like a complete maniac at my expense, his hand clutching a pink box while his other one's firmly planted on his stomach due to his laughter.

I stand up and snatch the box from his hand. "Ass."

He rolls his eyes and plops himself on my bed, as if he hadn't just scared me off of it. "Aw, but you love me."

"You wish," I lamely retort and begin unravelling the ribbon from the box. There's a tag on the front that reads, To Eleanor, From Arden. This dress is really pretty, and so are you. I'm so excited to see you in it J. I try to hide my smile by rolling my lips into my mouth, but Ashton knows me too well and he notices whenever I get giddy over something.

"You know, if all you want is for someone to tell you you're beautiful every day," Ashton says, a knowing smile on his face, "then you're gorgeous as hell."

I look at him stick my tongue out at him. Seeing myself in a dress brings back so much memories. Ashton took me to our senior prom, and he was the one who picked my dress out for me. He did it secretly, along with the companionship of my friends before. I thought they were all ditching me because they didn't like me. Turns out, they go out every day after school to go around town and visit all the dress shops in Queenstown. And they did. I didn't even know that some of the other shops that they went to existed. And finally, Ashton bought the dress he wanted to see me in from Stardust, the cute little dress shop just across from this acoustic bar Ashton and I really like. Because I felt so left out when they were going out, I lost the excitement for prom and decided not to look for a dress or find a date. At the night of the prom, with me miserably laying down on my bed in self-loathe, I got startled as I heard a car honking loudly outside. And when Ashton emerged from it, I then knew that he was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

"Hey, you alright?" Ashton asks while snapping his fingers in front of my face.

I snap out of my stupor and give Ashton a smile. One that's thankful for everything he has ever done for me. "Sorry, I just remembered our senior prom."

Ashton smiles too in memory of it. "God, that was the best prom of my entire life. I remember how pissed you were at me and how you wouldn't answer my calls."

"Because I thought you were ignoring me! And you were going out with Isabelle and Violet without me, so what was I supposed to think?" I reply.

Ashton hugs me from behind, startling me and making my smile fall off my face. What strikes me is that the moment I felt his arms around my waist, I instantly thought of Luke and how his arms felt around me. What we share is something special and something that I feel is sacred. Hugging is our thing. It feels wrong to feel the pressure of someone else's body against mine, so I discreetly move out of Ashton's grasp. I don't turn around because I didn't want to see the disappointment that I'm certain would settle on his face.  I finally take the lid off of the box to distract Ashton and me. I gasp at the lovely dress neatly folded in it. "This is so beautiful."

I see Ashton sit back down on my bed, a smile no longer existent on his face. I sigh and put the dress down. "What's wrong, Ash?"

He shrugs and carefully takes the dress from the box. "Why don't you, uh, try it on? I'll leave you for a bit so you could um, try it on."

Before I could even reply, he hastily moves out of my room and closes the door behind him. "I'm such an idiot," I whisper to myself. I shouldn't think that Ashton's affection towards me crosses the imaginary line I drew that separates best friends from lovers. He hugged me the same reason why I smile all the time at him—it's because we're both thankful for each other. And I just made him feel like shit for doing so. I run my hand in my hair out of frustration before stripping down and slipping into the dress. It's a white cocktail dress that ends just where my calves start. A black ribbon separates the top half of the dress from the bottom half, which is just made out of thick, elegant lace. It's a really simple dress, but it looks so well-tailored and manufactured that I can't help but feel as if I'm ruining it by putting it on. It's tight in all the right places, and thankfully, it can be matched by some casual necklaces that I wear every day.

Ashton knocks on my door so I tell him it's okay to come in. As he lays his eyes on me—I want to argue that it's not real—I swear I see them widen more than they should. His eyes rake my body from head to toe, and then not thinking that he's crossing the boundary line really becomes harder by the minute. "Holy titty fuck, Elle, you look so... amazing. Looking at you is like looking at a goddamn masterpiece."

I inwardly gasp at what he said. Luke has said the same thing the night he showed me his sketchbook. It caught my heart and tugged at my heart strings pretty good, and I cuddled with him right after and just watched him sleep. I'm not gonna lie—when Ashton said that, I felt myself melt a little bit. But I can't cuddle with him the way I did with Luke, so now, I'm at a loss on how to handle this. "Then hang me up in a museum, boy," I say after what seemed like a noticeable eternal pause.

He shakes his head and walks over to me. "My little Ellie is growing up. I remember when you were all pimples and into Justice League. Seemed like it was only yesterday."

"I wasn't into Justice League!" I retort. I don't know why, but I dislike Justice League so much and even though Superman is invincible, so is fucking Hulk and I bet he could whip his ass to the ground without exerting that much effort.

"You had a Justice League lunch box. And you were a highschooler. No one brings lunch boxes anymore, let alone Justice League ones," Ashton deadpans.

"They were out of fucking Fantastic Four ones okay so my mom bought one that she thought I would like leave me alone Ashton it was just a phase stop it," I say without a single pause in my sentence.

Ashton giggles like an idiot and picks up my necklace from my drawer. "You still have the promise necklace."

"Of course I do, idiot, it's called promise necklace for a reason."

He holds it up to the sunlight coming from my window and spins the pendant around. It's just a Deathly Hollows symbol from Harry Potter. Engraved at the front of it was the word, Always, and I don't know, Ashton made me swore that as long as this necklace is still hanging around my neck, we would still be friends. If I take it off and throw it in the ocean, we're over. I still don't know what the hell us being 'over' means. I mean, our fights normally just last five minutes. I don't know how I'll be able to live without Ashton even just for a day.

"Want me to put it on you?" Ashton asks softly, unlatching the chain from its lock. I turn around so he could do so. He threads the necklace around my neck, and I feel like he's making a real effort not to touch my skin with his fingers. I appreciate it, but I don't know; now I think Ashton's uncomfortable around me because of how I reacted earlier. After a while, he still hasn't finished locking the necklace, so I turn around and take it from his gigantic hands.

"Your hands are really good for some things, as Sam's blog has said, but locking necklaces isn't one of them," I tease with a smirk. I turn back around to the mirror and smile. The necklace made my appearance seem more complete and rawer. To others, it may seem like it's just a stupid Harry Potter necklace, but to Ashton and I, it was something more. Something better. And even though we were the only ones who knew about it, it was enough.

"Sam will be coming," Ashton murmurs as he sits back down on the bed.

"By coming, do you mean sexually or will she be attending the wedding?" I muse, liking the fact that Ashton still gets flustered about stuff like this. I look at him through the mirror and see him give me a playful glare.

"A little bit of both. Weddings really turn her on," he replies, playing along. "By the way, she also got a box with a dress on it, but it's not quite as amazing as yours. All that's written in the tag is, Can't wait to see you. I hope that makes you feel better."

I snort. "So are you gonna use your prom tux or are we gonna buy a new one?"

"Buy a new one, of course. The prom tux is sacred, Elle. Tell me, would you ever reuse a condom?"

I scrunch my face up in disgust while throwing a roll of tissue at him. "Of course not!"

"That's why I'm buying a new one," Ashton finishes with a smirk.

"Well good. Because Luke is in need of one too," I reply with a smirk of my own.


i need a bestfriend like ashton honESTLY

anyway double update bc i feel like i owe you guys something for not updating for like 234646756 years kbye lub u all -angelika

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