The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 2 ]

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“Oh him?! As if you don’t know! That’s Reece Carter.” she winked.

“What do you mean ‘as if I don’t know’?”

“Nothing, it’s just that…everyone kind of knows him, mostly because he and his friends are always up to trouble, he’s gorgeous isn’t he!”

“You have a boyfriend,” Allie stated “but I agree, he’s hot.”

I ignored them. “How come I’ve never seen him around?”

“Umm, well he’s a year above us, so are his friends.” Hell, Gabby knew everybody.

“What else do you know about him?” I tried to keep my voice casual but… I failed.

“Someone’s acting like a creepy stalker.” Allie muttered. I hit her.

“He’s respected,” Gabby said suddenly. “Everyone likes him but he doesn’t really pay that much attention to anyone but his group of friends. I’ve never seen him with a girl before – I don’t think he dates.” Gabby’s voice sounded a little disappointed at that. I felt a spark of jealousy inside me.

What the hell was that?

“I guess he’s just too busy driving the teachers insane,” Gabby continued, snapping me out of my thoughts. “I don’t know how he gets away with it or how he still manages to be at this school. Reece and his friends are always in detention, seriously, they have their seats reserved just for themselves.”

“Rich parents?”

“Chloe, everyone here has rich parents.” I glanced over at the guys again.

“And the rest?”

“Okay well, you see that hunky guy next to Reece? That’s Valentino. He’s Reece’s best friend. Total hottie and party animal. The guy sitting down – the one with dark blonde hair – that’s Dennis, he’s sweet and cute. And then there are the twins; Jake and Jayden. Double trouble. Basically, you never see the five of them apart; they do things their own way. If there’s a problem, it’s probably because Reece and his friends caused it... they’re the bad boys of Prescott Private.”


The bell rung and everyone slowly made their way to their next class. I got to my locker and unlocked it.

And then I just stood there, gazing into my locker – because I didn’t know what class I had next.

My diary, I needed my diary.

Can’t be Math or Chemistry…can’t be English either, I had that yesterday, oh wait – no – maybe I did have it today too? Yes, I had English.

Okay, now… which room am I supposed to go to?


After walking around the whole school and finally finding the right room, I opened the door and saw a substitute teacher.

“Miss Armel, you’re late.”

“Thank-you Captain Obvious.”

The room went quiet. I realized I had just said that out loud.

“Oh shit.”

Again, my class was quiet. I realized I had just sworn out loud.

“Pardon me, Miss Armel?”

“I…um…sorry Miss, I’m just really tired and I wasn’t thinking and…”

“Detention Room. Now.”


“Excuse me? What? Why? Miss, please!”

“You come late to class and show disrespect.  Detention room, now go, unless you would like your headmaster to escort you there.”


This time, I didn’t say it out loud.


In all my seventeen years of life, I have never, ever, gone to detention.

I can just imagine how this will affect my future.

A lady wearing formal business clothes has a warm smile as she says: ‘Congratulations Miss Armel, you have been accepted to medical school. Our records show you have the potential, intellect and discipline. You are exactly what we have been looking for.’

Then BAM! The evil substitute teacher appears out of nowhere and smirks as she says: ‘Oh but, did you know she has had detention before?’

The lady looks at me with disgust: ‘Is this true?’

Sweat begins to trickle down my neck: ‘I…I can explain!’

She gasps: ‘I take back everything - you’re not what we’re looking for.’

Then BAM! She’s gone and all I see is that retarded substitute doing one of those evil laughs – you know, the one’s that go: ‘MMWWWAAHAHAHAHAHA’

I look at her: ‘Shut up you stupid cow.’

I shook my head – wow, I had really gone out of it for a moment.

I glanced up and observed the sign on the door in front of me. DETENTION.

This is it Chloe.

I turned the handle and went in. The first thing I noticed was the teacher who was sound asleep.

And then I gazed at Reece Carter…along with Valentino, Dennis, Jake and Jayden.


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