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Kelly Marin.

It was difficult finding a job. Going through interviews was always the worst for me personally. I never knew what to say or how should I say things. I wasn't the type to ever dress up for one, nor will I ever be. My best friend, Angela, always told me that my problem was I didn't care enough and with my attitude I'll never go far. But who listens to her.

I'm twenty-two for crying out loud.

I pushed through the front door of my apartment with bags full of groceries. I promised Angela, after my job interview, I'd pick some groceries up only if she had a list ready.

"How'd it go?" She says coming from the kitchen with a bag of cheetos. I cringed at the smell, it was horrible.

"Same as the other ones." I slumped my shoulders and tossed my keys aside.

She rolled her eyes, as she took a couple bags from my hand. I followed behind her to the kitchen, we were behind rent and it kind of suck because she was the only one with a job and I on the other hand was broke and focused on school.

"Kelly, you need to really start taking things serious." she huffed, as she unloaded the bags.

"Take things serious? How can I do so, when every job I apply for is all the same?" I unloaded the groceries as well.

"Every job interview," she corrected "is going to be the same, all you have to do is smile and say things they wanna hear."

"Smile and say things wanna hear." I mocked her, she glared at me. I threw my hands up in defense and stocked the food in the places they belonged.

"You know, you're very good at stocking" she smiles "you should consider applying at Walmart" she joked.

"Ha ha," I rolled my eyes "that's very funny, me wearing a navy blue shirt and khakis. I think that's the funniest thing you've said all year"


After, we were done putting up the groceries, Angela decided to cook but knowing that was a bad idea and I didn't feel like doing anything myself, we decided on Chinese takeout.

"Hey, before we go, I need to make a quick run" she says locking her phone.

Groaning, I mumbled a 'fine' and buckled up. Angela smiled appreciatively and continued driving. She worked for a big facility, she was always working late and worn out. I told her she needed to relax and take days off, but it wasn't an acception.

We pulled up to the big building, I've never been to her job before and nor did I ever want to. My eyes widened in awe, the skyscraper stood tall, taller than most of the buildings.

"Are you coming?" Angela asked

Nodding quickly, I got out the car. Angela was dressed up, she was wearing a shade of red lipstick and a skirt, a button up shirt that showed most of her clevage. As for me, I was wearing boyfriend jeans, a loose fitting white T-shirt and white high top converse. My hair pulled up into a messy but cute bun and her long brown hair was curled.

"You look overly dressed for take out" I commented

"Mr. McCann, doesn't like it when his workers come in looking unprofessional." she sighs

"Mr. McCann, doesn't like that?" I chuckled "another reason why, I don't want to work." I crossed my arms as we stepped on to the elevator, Angela pressed the button for the nineth floor.

For this building to be as big as it is, I would've assumed we'd go up to the highest floor but I guess not.

The elevator was playing some jazz music, which caused me to stand in a comfortable silence. I wasn't the one to listen to this type of music, but it was kind of...soothing.

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