Chapter 1: Gerard Doesn't Like Playing Footsies

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AN: K, first things first, whenever it's in the Gerard's view thingy but not quite, point of view, almost everything is in French except for when he's trying to speak English - so that's basically to the American characters, make sense? - Hopefully you'll understand throughout the story.
Or rather basically when Gerard and Mikey's English is perfect they're speaking their language.

edit; im going through this and changing all the French to English but italicizing it so you can differentiate between the two languages. so standby dudes


Chapter 1

Gerard sat in the airport, bitching and moaning about the 'big move'. He was going to America. He was in France for the love of god. What sucked even more as that he barely paid attention in his English classes, so to put it bluntly, he was screwed. He barely knew a lick of English; of course he knew all of the greetings, casual conversations and almost every swear word but other than that, nothing. Not a damn thing.

Now Gerard listens to tons of songs in English—he doesn't know what it means but he gets the feeling, y'know?  He listens to The Misfits, whose name rolls off his tongue a little weirdly, along with every other English word like Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Guns 'n' Roses, The Cranberries and many more.

But still, he didn't like the idea of this move, not one bit. He was going to be hopeless in America. Mikey kept trying to assure him that American women liked strong accents. But what does he know anyway? Sure, a lot more English than Gerard, the Pythagorean Theorem, how to play a bass, and ways to impressively destroy a toaster with a fork—but that wasn't the point. What did Mikey know about America? He had probably looked that shit up on google. He bets Mikey didn't know they had stereotypes for people like him. That's when he remembered that Mikey had in fact been to America before. He had gone there for vacation in summer for a month, Gerard stayed home because that's just what he does, stay home. But come on, still, that didn't mean Mikey knew that much about the country. Like the stereotypes for people like them. People assume that if you wear mostly black, eyeliner and you have a thing for combat boots then you must be gay, a Satanist and like to write dark poetry all at once. That was what people called emo or goth, the two got confused a lot. Gerard had heard that Americans didn't like guys like him or his brother.

Ironically, most of these stereotypes were true in Gerard's case. Yes, he writes poetry, he does have a thing for converse and combat boots; he even wears eyeliner and loves to wear black. Although he was not a Satanist, his poetry wasn't always dark and he was definitely not gay. He didn't have a problem with homosexuals, but he wasn't gay. Just because it has been more than a minute since he had a crush on a girl and there had been this one time Mikey thought he had seen Gerard checking out this dude's ass in a mall—He thought he saw a bug on his pants, okay? But that did not mean he was gay.

If he hadn't failed at life already, America was certainly going to be the place that gave him the big 'F' that he needed to confirm it. Gerard already didn't have any friends in France, but there, however, he was going to have like, negative infinity friends. He'll probably fuck up and call someone dick face or something similar. But to be fair, he would really have no idea what he'd be saying.

Gerard heard the intercom call the flight his family was going on. He flipped when he saw his family start to get up and couldn't believe they were actually going through with this. "Maman, maman, please, reconsider this, please," he begged pathetically.

"Too late," his mother said.

Gerard felt like he was going to cry any time soon. "I am going to die out there," he mumbled to himself. They boarded the flight and off to America they were. "Maman, where to in America are we going?" Gerard hadn't bothered to remember the state they were moving to, he despised the country that much.

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