When You Meet PART 1

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Captain America:
Captain was sent on a mission in Europe by S.H.I.E.L.D. This man was taking hostages. S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't know why, but its has gotten way too out of control.

So Captain America was walking with a couple of SHIELD Agents in the woods.

"Alright men," Captain was saying, as he came to a stop. "We're gonna split up. I'm gonna go straight with a couple of you. And the rest go back and see if we missed anything. Got that?"

"Yes, Sir!" They chanted at once. Captain chose a couple of people and they split up.
** An Hour Later**
Captain and the others were walking. The trees around started to lessen, and soon they came to a clear opening with a big abandon building in the middle. Windows cracked, vines climbing on the side, the place looked like it could fall any second.

Captain stopped, and so did the others. "Alright men. Are you all ready?" He asked. All of them nodded. "Okay, let's go."

They all held their guns ready to fire if needed, and Captain America had his shield in hand covering his chest. They crept along coming closer to the cabin.

'So far nothing.' Captain noted.

Captain turned to his men and said, "Okay, I'm gonna go inside. You can head back. I'm gonna be taking looking around."
All of them nodded, and started to walk away. Captain walked inside the cabin.

It was dark, cold, and smelled of mildew. 'If this man were here. Why would he choose this place?' Captain thought.

As he walked, the floor boards creeked softly. He notice red liquid on the floor. 'Don't be blood...' He thought. It look fresh, sadly. 'Oh, no...don't tell me he's killing now?!'

Captain walked up the stairs of the old building. Once he got to the top there was a long hallway. Captain started to walk down it slowly. For some reason, he started hearing a noise, really faint. 'Is that?' Captain paused. 'Crying?'

He came face to face with a door, the crying was more louder than before. He reached his hand slowly to the knob, and opened the door.

In the room was a man, dead. Same with the women, but on a bed in the room was a moving bundle, and it was crying. He slowly walked towards it.

Captain was standing above it now, and he moved the blanket so he could see inside. And inside the blanket were two pairs of (E/C) (eye color) eyes starring up at him. You were in the blanket, and you calmed down once you seen him.

"Hi, there." Captain said to you. He looked towards the man and women. He walked over to them. The man was...the man Captain was looking for. He must have killed the lady, and then himself.

Captain checked the women. She had a resemblance to you.

"Oh, no..." Captain muttered. He walked over to you, still on the bed, and he gently lifted you up.

"I'm sorry, little lady...er...little man?" He blushed as he checked. "Sorry, but I had to know his you were a boy or girl."

You giggled a little, your (E/C) eyes sparkling with joy. Captain smiled. "Well, I guess I'll just have to take you back to SHEILD with me."

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