Chapter 2 ~ Babysitting

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Chapter 2 ~ Razakiel

 I watch as the girl strides from the room. Her beautiful, curling, brown locks bouncing along behind her. The proud spring to her step, as she walks, belittling the pain she has suffered; the fear she so fiercely fights and hides. Her strength and resilience astounds me, considering all she has been through.

As Lucifer's shield I can hear their thoughts, Lucifer of course can control his at all times, but Abbegael is open to me. When I heard her thoughts, about the torture and pain she was forced to endure, I was shocked; horrified, her own father had tortured her to within an inch of her life on multiple occasions, for things she hadn't done; simply to maintain her obedience. 

Disgust rises within me, swelling in my chest and spreading throughout my body, the urge to murder the monster in front of me with my bare hands is almost too much. But I know I cannot let him get to me, not yet, it has taken decades to gain his trust, I cannot lose it now. 

I fight back the murderous rage building inside me and take in a deep, calming breath, as I wait for him to give his orders.

"Razakiel," I step forward, out of the shadows, bowing my head, "you will guard her." 

Indignation rushes through me at the idea of babysitting his child, but I maintain my neutral expression as always; I cannot show any emotion before him. 

"Any injury she sustains under your care will be multiplied tenfold in your own skin," I suppress the shudder that runs down my spine at his words. I am all too aware that this is in no way an exaggeration, if anything, my punishment for failing in my duty would be much worse than what he described. I have learned from experience, I now know never to fail.

"Yes, Sir," I dip my head once in acknowledgement, eyes focused on the reddish brown flecks of dirt coating the rough rocky ground, and wait for him to release me.

"If you hear anything even hinting at rebellion from her, you will report it to me immediately," the shock of his continued speech almost causes me to look up. Catching myself before I can meet his eyes, I once more dip my head and drop my gaze, "Am I understood?"

"Yes, Sir." 

Will I do that? I'm not entirely sure. Theoretically I should already be reporting her for rebellious thoughts, considering what she was thinking as they spoke moments ago. On one hand I need to maintain Lucifer's trust, but at the same time Abbegael might actually be of use to me. 

Despite how degrading babysitting is, it could be of assistance in my plans of escape. It gives me insight into one of Lucifer's deepest secrets; there are very few who know the true identity of the mysterious Abbegael, and as her body guard I will have access to her at all times. She could be my key to escape. If I could get us both out of here and take her to Our Father...

"Get to work," his deep growl jolts me from my thoughts and I mentally sigh in relief. Finally, I can escape his presence, even if it is to go babysit his child. I stride quickly from the room to find Abbegael.

I know she can't be too far away; it's only been a couple of minutes since she was dismissed. I walk through the halls following the traces of her thoughts as I protect them from others. I wonder if she truly wishes to escape. 

Will she actually attempt it? Or will her fear hold her back? If I can gain her trust, I could convince her to escape with me. Then I could take her to Our Father. It might be enough for Him to forgive me. 

She, of course, would be destroyed, at best. But her fate would be no worse than what she has already endured, besides what is the loss of the Devil's daughter, an abomination of nature, if it means I can go back home?

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