Chapter 11: "It's Cute How Hard You're Trying Not to Like Me"

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"I'm going to punch you in the face if you say that we're lost," She said through her clenched teeth.


After what seemed like hours, we gave up walking around in circles and sat down. This was way too much walking for one day.

"Well the sun's going down. The class can't leave without us so we'll be found eventually." She went through her backpack to see what things she brought.

"I'm bored."

"Well what do you suggest that we do?"

I thought for a second and remembered that I wanted to ask her something, "Hey, why did you say you'd rather kiss Jongup?"

"When did I say that?" Jieun squinted her eyes, "Oh. Psh, I was just joking."

"Hmm so are you saying that you would rather kiss me?" I rested my chin on my hand and nodded.

"Umm," She looked up at the sky and it was basically pitch black, I couldn't really see the expression on her face, but that made me even more anxious because I didn't have any signs to read. "I suppose."

"Oh, you actually don't sound sarcastic for once. You really are warming up to me, aren't you?"

"I guess I am." The calmness in her voice actually made me question her answers.

"You're not acting like your usual self..."

"Well it feels like we're together like all the time so I guess I kind of just got used to having you around."

"So do you feel comfortable enough to actually kiss me now?" Once I said that, Jieun started acting embarrassed and looked away. Why did she look like that? I'm pretty sure she was about to give in and kiss me last night.

[Jieun's POV]

Why does he always have to ask such awkward questions?? ASDFGHJKLDKMNVCKD. He's probably thinking about last night. If Nayeon and Seulgi didn't appear when they did, I probably might have done something in the spur of the moment and I may or may not have regretted it. BUT being reminded about it makes me squirmy.

As I was doing my deep thinking, I realized that I forgot to breathe so I started coughing like crazy.

"Are you getting a cold?" Yongguk asked me.

"No, I just forgot to breathe," I replied lamely. Ugh, I was breathing perfectly fine before I remembered what I almost did last night.

"It's because I take you breath away isn't it?" He took off his jacket and put it around me again. Ugh there he goes again, trying to be all smooth and shiz.

"Yongguk, why are you always trying to kiss me for like every opportunity that you get?"

"What are you talking about? No I'm not," Yongguk protested.

"Yeah you are. It's as if that's the only thing that goes through your head all day."

"Well...I remember a while back you said that you should only kiss someone if you actually like them, and I don't know if you noticed, but I do like you," he had a devilish smile on and starting poking my sides, "And you were about to kiss me last night, so that means that you like me too."

I groaned and grabbed my hair to cover my face, "Shhhhhhh," I wanted to shush him and tried blocking him out.

"Why is it so hard for you to admit it?" He held my wrists and moved my hands away from my face so that now I had to look at him.

"Because! It's weird..."

"At least tell me how you feel about me." The tone is his voice sounded way too serious, completely different from the Yongguk I was acquainted with a few weeks ago.

"The way I feel about you? Um I don't know...I guess when you're around, I kind of want to hug you, but then I also kind of want to throw up at the same time?"

"That's gross," Yongguk uttered.

"'s a confusing feeling."

"Hey it's ok!" Yongguk's voice sounded more upbeat this time, "I can work with that. Basically you said that you like me too, so now I know that my charms are actually working on you."

"Well just to be clear, technically I didn't admit anything to you...gahhhh," I pulled on the ends of my hair, "Why is this so weird? You weren't like this in the beginning of the school year. You acted like a...."

"A jerk?" Yongguk finished the sentence for me, "Yeah well all guys are jerks at some point. But you have to admit that you like this Yongguk better, right?"

"Uh yeah...compared to how you were when we first met."

"It's cute how hard you're trying not to like me," Yongguk said in the most conceited way ever.

I was about to reply with something sarcastic but then he would probably see that as me trying not to like him so I just tried to keep myself composed, "So what do we do now?"

"It seems like our class is doing a pretty sucky job of trying to find us. So I guess we just have to stay here for tonight and they'll find us in the morning...In the mean time you could just fall asleep in my arms," He grabbed me and rested his chin on top of my head, making it harder for me to get away, "Don't resist our love, Jieun," Yongguk said before cracking himself up.

I hate how he was enjoying this.

A/N* Aw man it's getting close to all the mushy stuff and now I want to throw up. BTW the song in the multimedia is called "Not Another Song About Love" by Hollywood Ending, and if you want to give it a listen, it's a really cute song and I immediately thought of this story when i first heard it (which was like 30 minutes ago l0l) If you're not able to listen to it on here, you can just search it up on Youtube :) The chorus at 00:43 basically just describes Yongguk and Jieun's relationship so I'm like YOOOOOOO

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