Chapter 11: "It's Cute How Hard You're Trying Not to Like Me"

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"Let's be partners for the hike," Yongguk came up from behind me and held onto my shoulders.

"Sorry, Nayeon and I are going to be partners," I pointed over to Nayeon who bit her lip once she saw me looking at her and ran away. Um ok?

"Nayeon told me that she was going to be Seulgi's partner," Yongguk said smugly.

"Wait what?" I turned around and saw that suddenly everyone was standing next to their partner and even Nayeon and Seulgi were holding hands. Those traitors. "Alright, I guess we're partners."

"It's not fun if you don't get excited about it. C'mon, smile." Yongguk started stretching my cheeks which actually was really painful.

"Stop, that hurts," I slapped his hands away and pinched his cheeks until they were red.

"Aw the couple is so cute," Himchan taunted.

"When are you two going to kiss each other already?" Youngjae joined in. My eyes quickly looked to Yongguk, then back to Youngjae. I still believe him when he says that he hasn't told anyone about our kiss.

"They probably kissed already. Like 10 times at least," Zelo said partly joking, partly serious.

"Please, I'd rather kiss..." Feeling my face getting hotter, I made eye contact with first person I saw coming towards us, "...Jongup." I finished, joking of course.


[Yongguk's POV]

"Wait, why Jongup??"

"Alright everyone, let's start our hike!" Mr. Shin yelled and everyone scrambled to get their backpacks and grab an extra water bottle.

"Do you have anything planned for this hike?" Zelo asked me.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that this is gonna be our last day here and you haven't really tried to pull any moves on Jieun."


This hike is stupid. It's too hot and we've already been walking for over 30 minutes uphill. Why is everyone acting like they're having fun?

"Hey Jieun, can you take this picture for us please?" I turned and heard that guy calling Jieun's name.

"Um alright, sure," she smiled but she clearly looked uncomfortable. She took several pictures as that guy and his girlfriend posed. "Here you go," she handed the phone back to him.

"Aww don't you think we look so cute in this photo? Jieun, what do you think? Daehyun is so handsome isn't he?" that girl obnoxiously asked Jieun. Well I guess she wasn't being obnoxious on purpose.

"Uh yeah...I think the picture looks..."

"Hey, let's go check that out over there," I grabbed Jieun's hand and started walking away from the class.

"Yongguk, I was still talking to them."

I gave her an 'oh really?' look, "Suuure, did you really want to be there, talking about how cute of a couple they are?"

"No..." She said softly.


"Where are you even leading us?"

"Hmmm," I looked around and the forest was more dense than it was before, "I don't really know. Do you have the map?"

"We weren't even given a map. Let's just retrace our steps."

"Alright, which way did we come from?"

She crossed her arms and she really looked like she wanted to punch me in the face.

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