Chapter One: The Letter

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Hello everyone! Just a reminder that this story will have a billion of mistakes so please point them out. I don't ace English at school so please bear in mind of the continous errors~
Happy reading! Hope you guys will enjoy.

Chapter One
I am literally staring out into space thinking about all the things I COULD have accomplished in my life if I just didn't sit here wasting time. I might have saved the world, fed the millions of people suffering from starvation or if I felt crazy, done my homework. Yeah yeah, but sorry that did not happen.

"LILY COME DOWN STAIRS," my eomoni yells. Horay.
I'm the type of person that no matter how much they eat, they don't get fat. I'm basically a pig so it's really a blessing to me. Maybe I should really get some exercise and just move my legs, walking isn't that hard.

I helplessly drag my self down the stairs. That's how lazy I am.

"You've gotten a letter in the mail," my eomoni looks suspiciously at me.

"Huh? A letter? To me?" Who even sends letters these days I mean, why to me?

Looking cluelessly at this rather thick letter, I rip open one side of the envelope to reveal a plane ticket to Korea with a note saying, "Hello Stranger. Come to Korea. Urgently. We need your help."

Pffft. What? Are you kidding me? This must be some sort of joke. I tell my eomoni about the note and show her the plane ticket. Her face instantly becomes pale.

"Wait dear, I may have to talk with your abeoji when he comes home." With that she hurries back into the kitchen closing the door behind her. But through the tiny gap, I see her stare out into space leaving the microwave beeping.

I didn't think much of it and go back into my room. Laying aside the pile of homework. I decide to text Paris, my best friend.

"Hey Paris, guess what."


That took her 0.01 seconds. Guess she is giving up the insane idea of homework too.

"I got a letter today."

"From your grandma?"

Typical Paris. She knows that I don't have a grandma. Well I did but trust me, no one in my family mentions of my eomoni's family. I don't know why and I never ask. The situation goes awfully tense if I ever do.


"Get to the point please. My time is precious. I was made to serve Lay, my one and only."

Oh here she goes AGAIN. Paris is a huge KPOP fan. By huge I mean her life is dedicated to some group named EXO or something.

"Some stranger sent me a flight ticket to Korea and a note saying that they needed me."

--No Reply--

"Ya~ excuse me. Are you still alive?"

"Sorry I was too carried away watching EXO's new mv, Love Me Right, not to mention...examining Lay's abs. And what did you say? A stranger sent you a FREE ticket to Korea?"

Omg. Paris is crazy. Examining a guy's abs...the thought paints my cheeks red.

"Yeah but I think it's a joke"

"Are you kidding me? It's a FREE ticket to KOREA where it is highly populated with attractive and hot guys! You have a chance granny, you better grasp the oportunity."

Okay. Did she just call me a granny? I'm perfectly normal thanks, just a bit dense when it comes to guys.

"You're no better. Having a mental relationship with someone who doesn't even know you exist."

That should stop her blabbering about my single life.

"Ya. You do not understand. Mate, Lay is singing out to me on YouTube. Ttyl."

At last I made up my mind to do the homework that just didn't seem to end. Ugh. My brain and hands are about to die. University is the worst thing that has happened to me after high school which I thought was supposed to be high school musical, turns out to be the road to hell. The 22 year old me sooner or later will have to take a trip to the mental hospital.

I lie on my bed with my arms spread out gracefully like a pig. I close my eyes and drift off.

--An hour later--

In Dreamland
I'm falling off the cliff. Why did I jump? Did I think I was superman?

Kicks all the blankets off.
Screams like it's the end of the world.

I am so noisy I eventually annoy myself and wake up. Huh? Where are my bumo (parents)? I tiptoe down the stairs. Did someone kidnap them? I'm in the dining room when I hear my bumo speaking in hush tones to each other.

Abeoji: "Are you sure? She will be alone. It's dangerous."

Eomoni: "I'm afraid it's the only way."

What are they talking about? Are they leaving me at home? Pfft. I can do that. I'm already 22.

--Next morning--

"Honey, wake up"

I can hear the deep voice of my abeoji faintly. I bet I overslept or something. University is seriously a chore. I slowly open my eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight shining in through the window. I turn my head to see my abeoji. I gasp. This can not be happening.

I see my abeoji holding my suitcase with a plane ticket in his hands.

"Kid, you're going to Korea."

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