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sexual rape action ahead.


I was walking down the street when I heard foot steps behind me, I thought nothing of it, I thought it was just another person taking a late night stroll down the street.

But then I felt a hand on my butt. I started to panic, I walked faster.

Big mistake.

The same person who grabbed my ass ran right in front of me

"Hey, baby. Where you goin'" the man asked as his hands hitched up my shirt.

"Please don't." I whispered

"Don't what, babe?" Another man asked as he started to pull my pants down. I screamed as loud as I could at the top of my lungs. I closed my eyes. Tight.

"Shut up, bitch." One of the men said as they slapped me. He put his hand on my mouth and took me to a dark alleyway. And that's where he and his friend, took all my cloths off. One of the men unzipped his pant and brought his member to my entrance. I started to cry, hard.

"Shut up damn it!" The man said as he pounded into me. I cried even harder.

As soon as he pulled out of me, I screamed again, but even louder this time just to make sure someone heard me. The 2 men ran off as fast as they could.

I realized I was bleeping heavily from my head, arm, stomach, and legs. Not really sure how, but I was.

I tried putting my clothes on, but I was to weak, so I only managed to put on my panties. Then I heard footsteps... Again. I was scared again. But I realized that it wasn't one of the guys who just vandalized me, because the ones who had just raped me had short blonde hair. And this man had slightly long black hair, wore all black, and was very tall.

"Oh God! Lets get you some help!" He said in a deep voice. He took off his leather jacket and covered my naked body with it, then I started to feel dizzy and everything started going black. He picked me up and carried me bridal style to a near by hospital.

(Andy's POV)

I was walking back to the tour bus as I heard a girl scream, I stopped walking for a second. But then I just kept walking.


I heard another scream and it sound like someone needed help and I could just leave back to the tour bus after I hear 2 bloody murder screams. I ran to where the screams where coming from, as I did so, I saw 2 blonde, shirtless men running out of an alleyway. I ran straight into the alleyway. I peered around the corner of a dumpster, and I saw a slightly naked girl sobbing in a pool of blood.

"Oh God! Lets get you some help!" I said as I took off my leather jacket and put it on her cold, bloody, naked body. I picked her up and carried her to a near by hospital. Thank god we where 2 blocks away from a hospital.

I looked down at the girl in my arms, and I noticed she fainted. I ran as fast as I could do the hospital.

"HELP! I NEED HELP OVER HERE!" I screamed. Then doctors and nurses came rushing to me and the girl.

"It's ok ,sir. Just set her down on the wheel chair." The nurse said. I put her down in the chair and the nurses rushed her to a room. I was terrified and I didn't even know the girl.


Hoped you guys liked it!

And I don't really know what I should name the girl, any suggestions?

Love ya'!


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