It wasn't meant to be like this

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I wake one night,dark thoughts aside,

once again your on my mind,

but i don't feel like i usually do,

instead i feel fear,

cold,dreadful fear,

i'm not sure whats happened,

but i know somethings wrong,

i climb out my window,in the dead of the night,

god i'm dead if they find out,

but i know i have to get to you,


i run into the darkness,

my bare feet not making a sound,

who knew it was so far to your shed from here,

but i'm there now,

and terror is clutching at me,

i feel your scream before i hear it,

a bloodcurdling shriek that would wake the dead,

i run in,

what have you done??!!

your lying there eyes wide with fright,

tell me what possesed you to do this tonight,

blood pools round you, it comes from your wrists

i hear you say "it wasn't meant to be like this

i call the ambo's,

they're on their way

i hear the sierens wailing,

i'm pleading with you to just hold on,

you do for a second and then.....your gone

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