Chapter 28

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Mel's POV

We landed clean over the oxer, and cantered off after finishing a clean round. It's Saturday, the day before the adoption fair/show. We are setting up for it early tomorrow, and the show starts at 1:00. It goes from 1-6:30 p.m. At the beginning, the campers are going to be doing a show to show off to their parents and anybody else who wants to watch. After, there will be an adoption fair for all the adoptable horses, and Dad and Art will be grilling hot dogs for people. It's gonna be like a picnic. It's going to be big, and Mom even said there's even going to be an article in the newspaper today! I saw it, and it looks great!

I brought Cowboy to a trot, then a walk. We had just finished the same course we were going to do tomorrow. Mom is letting Julie and me show in the show so we can show people how some of the horses have turned out. Also, Lauren is bringing Candy Girl to show, too. It's good to let the people know what happens to the horses once their training is finished.

"Great job Cowboy," I said, and patted Cowboy's sweaty neck. He snorted, then broke into a walk. I let him cool down, then after a good grooming and wash, I let him out into his field he shares with Spirit. Spirit and Rain will be up for adoption, but if they don't get adopted, we will train them to be ridden. They are turning out really great! The once skin and bones mare and gelding are now two beautiful horses. Rain's coat is a beautiful red chestnut paint color, and Spirit's coat is a golden buckskin color. His black muzzle, legs, and mane and tail stands out agains his golden coat. They are flashy! They're sure to go fast at the fair!

Later that day, when it was time for arts and crafts, we made horse hair bracelets. We made them with our own horse's hair, which was really special since tomorrow was the end of camp. The finished product was really cool, since some of the bracelets were black, and others chestnut, a greyish black, and one palomino. Mine was a dark brownish black, with a few orangey highlights. Cowboy's tail and mane both had pretty orangey highlights, which made him special.

We were also allowed to put a charm on our bracelets if we wanted to. I put a heart charm on mine, because I love Cowboy. I clipped mine onto my wrist, and admired it. It looked pretty good!

As I was heading to the barn to show Cowboy, Mom walked up to me. "Hey honey, I have a surprise for you," she said excitedly.

"Ooh, what?" I asked eagerly.

"Come inside the house," Mom said, and I followed her inside the house.

"What?" I asked when we got inside. Julie was there too. We exchanged looks. We both had no idea what the surprise was.

"Because you both have been so great and helpful the whole camp, I got you each a little something," Mom said. "Here." Mom handed us each a bag.

I took the paper out of the bag, and grinned at what I saw. There, sitting in the bag, were the orchid purple icefill kerrit riding pants I have been drooling over for forever! Julie also got the same pants, but in blue. I could tell she loved them.

"Thank you SO much!" I practically yelled as I squeezed Mom into a big hug. Julie also chimed in, and Mom laughed.

"You girls are welcome! Just please keep good attitudes for the weekend, and continue to be helpful," Mom said.

"We will!" Julie and I said simultaneously.

"Good, now let's go feed horses dinner," Mom said, and with that, we headed out to feed horses.

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