And I couldn't wait for that day

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                I jumped up into the air, and tossed my Kunai's directly into the target on the tree. Four of the five hit the direct middle of the target, while one reflected off of the other four, and bounced off of the other Kunai's, landing on the ground with a thump.  I sighed loudly as I looked over at my twin brother, who lazily tossed all five of his Kunai's at the target, managing to lodge all five in the tree. This caused my father to smile, and walk over to Shikamaru, and ruffle his hair slightly. But for me? I got nothing.


                I sighed loudly as I walked over to the tree, and grabbed my Kunais. I was determined to get all five in tree now, and make father proud. I walked back to where I was originally, and threw the Kunai's at the tree at the same time, this time managing to get all of them to lodge in the tree. I jumped up and down with excitement, before I looked over at my dad with my eyes closed.


                "Look Daddy! I did it!" I said, jumping up and down, but when I looked over, my father had not seen that I had gotten all of the Kunais to lodge in the tree. I sighed slightly and put my head down, before walking over and grabbing the ninja weapons out of the tree. I was angry. I just wanted my father to be proud of me but no, it was all about Shikamaru. I ripped the weapons out of the tree, before I walked away from the training ground, tears running down my pale face.


                No matter how hard I tried, Shikamaru was always a step ahead of me, and even when I did it right, Shikamaru had already managed to do it ten times better than what I had just done. I sighed loudly against, mumbling about how much of a drag everything was.


                I arrived at my house, and my mom turned around and looked my fragile body, that was racked with sobs. She ran over to me, and lifted me up off the ground. She held my seven year old body close to hers, shushing me slightly as she kissed the side of my face.


                "Shikai, what's wrong?" She said quietly, and I looked up at her with side eyes.


                "I-I was trying to show-w daddy how good I-I had gotten with throwing Kunais... But I missed one-e the first time, and Shikamaru didn't! So when-n I got all five the next time, daddy-y didn't even notice because he-e was busy with bubby..." I said as clearly as I could with sobs moving my body. My mother sighed softly and walked me back to my bedroom, gently laying down on my bed with me still cradled in her arms.


                "Shikai, babygirl, you cannot take it personally. Daddy is just... Daddy wants Shikamaru to be the best, because he is the future of the Nara clan where he is the older of you two. But I promise you, daddy is very proud of you, and he always has been. Maybe he's just scared of his little girl growing up, and not needing him anymore, and that's why he doesn't celebrated how great of a Kunoichi you will be one day." My mother said softly.


                End of Flash back


                I have tried my hardest since that day with my mom to believe her when she said that dad just didn't want me to grow up, and that he did believe that I could do great things. I try so hard every day, but no matter how hard I try, it is just never enough for my father to look away from Shikamaru for more than a few seconds.

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