Chapter 11: death.

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His laugh sounded like a dying seal. It was the most horrendous sound Dave has ever heard. It could very well have been someone putting a live cat into a blender and seeing what happens. That's his laugh.

This man was in no way attractive. He had very tan skin and his hair was ten times bigger then his head. It was black and extremely noted and tangled. Dave was pretty sure a bomb went off in his hair. He had on a black sleeveless shirt and was wearing torn and ripped up jeans. It wasn't the fact that he he was the size of a phone booth that made him unattractive. No, it was the fact that he had clown make up on. He looked like he just walked out of a circus and the clowns threw up on him.

"Two of the strongest demons standing in a town infested with hunters. Ooo. It must me my lucky day" he grinned Evilly and re loaded his gun. Dozens of hunters started walking up next to the ugly clown. From what Dave could see, only one of the clown kids were here today. Gamzee. It made sense why his brother wasn't here. He did just find out that his girlfriend is actually a demon. Poor wretched soul. He hasent talked to anyone sense. a bunch of other kids stood along with them. It seems not a lot of the strongest hunters came today. Standing around gamzee was aradia, damara, tavros, rufioh, Cronus, Eridan, Equius, and terezi.
At Least those where the only ones he could see from where he stood.

It seemed as though the badder witch and the freaky clown were having a conversation. He didn't bother listening in. Their arguments where none of his concern. "They should be here any moment.. " Dave said looking around the parking lot for his brother and whoever he got to come help.

Vriska slowly walked out of the mall, looking a bit pisser that usual. At that moment there was a wave of cold air and most of the demons we knew, where there standing with us. Dirk stood next to me, a evil glint in his eyes. He put on his shades and glared at the clown and his gang of freaks. He had Jake standing right next to him and he knew that dirk wouldn't let him out of his sight. Roxy stood a bit behind us with Jane right next to her. Jane might be a human but she's just as tough as the rest of us. She hunts with Roxy, she doesn't eat it but she goes to make sure that Roxy doesn't go insane and that no one hurts her. We demons always hunt in pairs. Like a werewolf but we don't smell as bad.

Near the entrance of the mall stood meenah and vriska, staying very close to each other. Nepeta was over with the hunters, teasing equius. She might be one of the quickest demons around. She is like a cat demon. Or cat satan... Catan. She was able to mess around with the hunters with out being hurt or killed. Her and equius have sort of a mutual relationship. She couldn't kill him and he couldn't kill her. Her sister showed up but looked extremely pissed and Dave didn't even want to go near her. The captors were all avoiding the hag and Krakat was trying to punch his brother. Surprisingly enough, all the maryam's showed up. They're not even demons. They are basically the rulers Over vampires. I'm friends with kanaya but I never thought she'd show up. Kanaya was with her witch girlfriend, Rose. She hates being called a witch but her and her sister jade, they're just glorified witches.

"We'll look at that." Dirk spat. "It seems almost everyone is here. Now give us back John and we won't have a problem."

"John.. Oh you mean that adorable little boy? The one who you've brainwashed into thinking you're nice?" The angry clown laughed. "He's safe. For now. We just need to get him away from you so we can kill you and not hurt him."

"Don't you dare lay a finger on him!" Dave growled.

The GHB lifted up his gun and shot a bullet through daves chest. He yelped then laughed. "These aren't even the right bullets."

"I know" the clown smirked. "They aren't meant to kill you. I know for a fact the won't but they can kill your little human friends and give you all a ton of pain.

The hag cackled and feferi gave her a angry glare. "Mom please.. " she mumbled.

Nepeta now was on equius' back. He didn't seem to mind giver her a piggy back ride but apparent it bugged gamzee. He kept glaring at them from the corner of his eye.

Equius was messing around with his bow. His other bow just snapped so he finally was able to untainted a new one. Gamzee seemed to have snapped. He walked over to equius. "Hand me your bow." He growled.

"Wait. What? Why?" Equius complained.

"I said give. Me. The. Motherfucking. Bow." He grabbed the bow out of equius' hands and snapped it in half. He took the the bow and wrapped it around his neck. He used all of his might in one pull, and choked equius. Nepeta and the others stood speechless, watching. Equius' lip body fell lazily to the ground. Gamzee spat on his corpse and glared at nepeta.

"Y-you! She screamed. "You killed equius!" She equipped her claws and lunged at his face. She was able to make three long scratch marks before being pulled away by dirk. He gave gamzee the death glare and flashed back over next to Dave, Nepeta dropped to the ground sobbing.

"Ooooo! It looks like things are already heating up!!" The clown laughed. He lifted up his gun and pointed it towards dirk. "Could shoot you. But that would just be a waist of bullets." He quickly turned the gun over and pointed it at Jake. He fired off the gun and laughed as the bullet raced towards Jake. Dirk quickly grabbed Jake and shoved him out of the way. But the thing is, the bullet was never aiming for Jake in the first place. It was always aimed at the person Behind him.


But no one noticed Until it was too late. As soon as Roxy caught glance of the bullet, it was seconds from hitting Jane. At the last moment, Roxy tried to pull her out of the way, but not before the bullet made its way through Janes stomach.

Oh ho ho. Would you look at that. Another cliff hanger. And I finally updated. ^^; sorry guys. I've been out of it lately. Ah well. I feel really bad for not updating until now. Thank you all for so many reads >~< it makes me so happy!! I love reading your comments. Feel free to comment. They make me happy to see that people actually like my crap fan fic xD anyways. Farewell friends!

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