Chapter 29

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Chrissy POV:

"You in yet?" I asked

"Not yet, it's too hard to, you know" Jared winked

"Well are you close to getting in?" I asked getting impatient

"Quit moving your messing me up!" He said

"Oh I'm messing you up?" He nodded "well hurry up and get in!" I yelled

"I'm fucking trying to, but if their computer system wouldn't be so damn difficult than maybe I would be able to get in the system!" He snapped I sat the laptop I was holding down on the table and I pushed him away.

"Let me try, let's see their password has to be something simple, yet, nothing anyone would ever think of. Like principal Santiago's password is HernandezMason. My last name and it's last name" I explained he nodded and thought

"How about ChiefSwan?" He asked let's try it.

"No! Oh Bella Swan? No damn it!" I exclaimed slamming my hands down on the laptop.

"Try your name." Jared said I looked at him raising an eyebrow


"Because you know, okay you be got all the guys of La Push lusting after you and the few guys from Forks who know who you are. As creepy as it is to think about it maybe he lusts after you too." I winced and typed in my name. Ew! It worked!

"Okay I'm so disgusted right now!" I complained

"Don't worry I'll protect you." He said wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "So how's this going to work?" He asked

"Okay so, I've set up a few cameras around his locker, but nobody will be able to see them. I also rigged his locker so that confetti pops out also since the music players were too expensive we're hacking into the schools overcome to play like a virgin by Madonna! Got it?" I asked as we stared at the screen. We were at his house in his room.

"Yeah but what about that whipped cream you bought?" He asked I smirked

"That's for us!" I said tossing him a can and opening one for myself to pour some in my mouth. "Mmm, he's right there! Man, he looks pissed" I said swallowing, Jared walked over and watched while I hit record. We watched the screen waiting for it to happen.

"I'm going to kill Emmett!" Edward whispered

"Edward!" Bella scolded while he put in the combination and as he opened it, I hit play for Like A Virgin to play loudly. The confetti popped out and got all over him, as well as some melted whipped cream that I just so happened to turn red with food coloring. I laughed as he looked even more mad than ever. I stopped recording and we decided we better head to school. We're already late and we don't want to get caught for doing that. I disconnected my computer from the schools before they could even try to trace it. And we were off to another boring day of school.

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