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We stayed near Naomis car, holding eachother. It was hella cold and i only had pants on. We pulled away and looked eachother in the eyes.

"I won't play you like those other guys, Mimi" I brushed some hair out of her eyes.

"Why should i believe you?" she said coldly.

"Cause i wont let go of someone that makes me feel the way you do" i said smiling, then i lightly kissed her forehead.

She chuckled then hugged me. I hugged back then put my head on hers. She makes me happy. And i love the way she found a way into my heart in such little time. I love how she made me fall so hard, so fast. I, i think i love her.

"C'mon." i picked her up bridal style "Lets go back to my place and eat cold breakfast foods"

She laughed then nodded.


We sat at my couch and talked til the cows came home. We laughed and jokes. We also had a little food fight. When im with Naomi, life is sweet. No one else matters. Its just me, and her in the world:)

"Hey, you know whats weird?" Naomi asked, as we now cooked smores on my stove.

"What?" i asked as i caught melting marshmellow on my finger and licked it off.

"How great friends we are, and its only been like, what? A week?" she said, putting together her smores.

"But im glad were friends. I would probably still be mean and bitter if you hadnt come along" i said, then looked at her to see her reaction.

She stared at the fire with pink cheeks and i could tell she was fighting off a smile.

I smiled then started putting together my smores. We put our 10th smore on our plate then walked over to my couch.

"Do you really think we can eat all this?" Naomi asked, chuckling as she started at the mountain of smores.

I chuckled as i ate one. "Well figure it out." then my smile fell.

"Whats wrong?" Naomi asked, setting her plate of smores down.

"Nothing. Its stupid." i said, turned the tv on.

"Just tell me Mason" she lifted my my chin and i looked her in her big brown eyes. "You can tell me anything"

I smiled. "Can i call you names? Like, pet names? Honey, babe, girlfriend" i whispered the last one.

She chuckled. "Of course, babe. Id like that" she gave me a big smile.

I smiled back at her then attacked her in a bear hug. She screamed and laughed. I started kissing her neck. She stopped laughing then gripped the back of my shirt. I pulled away to see her smiling at me. She pushed me off of her and we laughed.

The movie Shes Out Of My League came on and we watched it. Afew minutes into the movie, she got my arm and put it around her waist then grabbed my other hand and into locked our fingers. I smiled then kissed the top of her head.

This is how id like to spend the rest of my life. Cuddled up next to the girl of my dreams.

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