My Lover (chris brown story)

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{Chris ❤}

I was getting ready for my concert hearing girls screaming security yelling for people to back up or they'll be kicked out! Ahh I loves it! I loved being famous more than anything! I was ready to sing,to make girls pass out,ready to find love! Tonight I wanted to find a lover a girl pretty and trustable!

Me:runs out on the stage* WASSUP L.A.?

Crowd:*screams and goes wild*

Me:*starts singing want it all back*

Dayummm I saw this fine girl out there feeling the music! She was swaying her hips her body moved swiftly to the beat and her outfit was showing off all her curves! I want that imma get that!


I was feeling the music! Swaying my hips to the beat. My bestie Taylor said my outfit was showin off all my curves! I thought she was lying...!

After the concert I was walking to my car when I heard girls scream I turned around! Chris Brown and his guards were headed my way! I fixed myself.

Chris:Hi! I think you're extremely fine and I wanted to know if we could... Keep in touch *winks and licks his lips*

Me:*blushes* Thankyou and yes there is *hands him your IPhone*

Chris:*puts in his number* Text me when you get in your car

Me:Ok. Oh and I'm Carrie

Chris:Carrie? Cute!

Me:*blushes harder* Thanks Chris

Chris:*kissed my cheek and walked off*

Tylar held out her arms ready!

Me:*passes out*

I woke up and we where in the car and just got out of the lot because if all the traffic of cars!

[LovelyCarrie]-Wassup Chris

I sounded lame I think OMG!

[Chris_Brown]-Aye fine lady wyd?

[LovelyCarrie]-In the car with my bestie Tylar hbu?

[Chris_Brown]-Oh she cute to I think my man Wale wanna tap that




[Chris_Brown]-Lol yup when can I see you again?

[LovelyCarrie]-Depends where you at

[Chris_Brown]-No where but here I live here now!

[LovelyCarrie]-Fuck yea! We should do something like go to an amusement park!!

[Chris_Brown]-Ight tomorrow I'll pick you up

[LovelyCarrie]-Ight g2g bye

[Chris_Brown]-BYE! See you tomorrow babe

When I got home I ran to my room! I lived in a big house in L.A. with my bestie Tylar. I can't believe what happened tonight!! I flopped back in the bed,I was so tired I turned on my tv and saw Mindless Behavior on. I loved them they were about the same age as me and Chris now!

Tv:16 balling like them boys in


Tv:Only difference is our cribs in hood got em jumping out the pool like they all from Rio dance like the Jackson's all we missing is Tito

Me:But we bout breaking hearts and getting to the money on your if you my honey it's only for the moment cause anotha honey want it keep it young poppin on it gotta keep her gotta keep her keep her on the low!


Me:*jumps up and puts on some cheerleader booty shorts with a tanktop*

I ran downstairs and saw him at the door I opened it


Chris:*walks in* Hey I just couldn't say this through text. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out? You know be my girlfriend?




Me:Your famous I'm not it won't work

Tylar&Chris:But but

Me:JUST KIDDING YES! *jumps on him*

My shorts lifted a little oop!

Tylar:*goes upstairs*

Chris:*holding me* I knew I would find love and a beautiful girl like you!

Me:I didn't know you'd notice me

Chris:*kisses you*

Me:*kisses back*

Chris:Ooh baby lets get naked just so we can make sweet love *singing*


Chris:Maybe tomorrow *winks* Might Carrie

Me:Goodnight Chris and yes tomorrow no maybes *laughs*

Chris:*laughs kisses me and then leaves*

Me:Ooh he so fine!

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