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Chapter 1: Introduction

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This is my first chapter. Please bear with me. I'm hoping to update daily unlike my others but that's in the past. So let's start now shall we.

I've been working at Smosh Games for about 2 years now. I came in around the same time Wes and Flitz started. Working here is so much fun. I get the play video games for a living. How great is that? My best friend is Joshua. Or as most people call him the Jovenshire or Joven. He's always there when I need someone to talk to. It's not like the others aren't there but I feel closer to Josh. He's like my brother.
I'm also sometimes on Smosh's main channel. Before I got this job, I wanted to be an actress. But you can see how that turned out. My last audition was for a show called The Walking Dead. I'm pretty sure you heard of it. But I obviously didn't get it. I guess I wasn't what they were looking for. When Ian and Anthony heard that story they gave me a few roles in some of the main channel videos. And that's where I met him. Noah.

Sorry this is a little short but please tell me if you guys like this. Tell me some ideas maybe and vote if you want more. Thanks for actually reading this lol -Ashley

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