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13 Fading Zen

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Harry opened his eyes curiously at Louis.

"Time to paint! And this time I get to chose the music."

Harry returned Louis' smile. "Alright. And what music will you grace us with today oh Wise One?"

Louis scrunched his nose at Harry. "You will be graced with the wonderful works of the Friendly Fires."

"You do realize Friendly Fires is a heavily based 80's band?" Harry asked quizzically.

They both sat up. "Like I said, I like the good parts of the 80's that is still around today... Just with a few modern updates and better singers! Now come then."

Making their way upstairs again, they taped up Louis' room, Friendly Fires playing from Louis' phone. Ready to be painted, they started on the first layer of blue-grey. It was a nice and light color Louis thinks, but still dark enough to cover the paint splatters and incomplete circles that cover the wall.

Not too dark or moody. But not too happy either. Just right.

By the time the whole room had one layer over it, they had a window open to air out some of the smell, and the sun was setting. It had gone rather smoothly, nothing too disastrous happening. The worst damage was a couple footprints across the tarp from when Louis accidentally stepped backwards into the paint tray.

Setting the paint roller down, he turned to Harry. "Shall we call it a day Harold?"

"Shall I tell you again that my name is just Harry?" Harry countered back.

"Only if it helps you sleep at night. I shall call you what I please, when I please. Now Harold, would you like Chinese, Indian, or sandwiches delivered for dinner?" Louis questioned, not wanting to let Harry win.

Harry lightly huffed. "Chinese sounds good. No noodles though. That shit is disgusting. Maybe just vegan eggrolls and fried rice without pork. I have to stay low on grease for the season."

"I said 'delivered'. Delivered Chinese. Not 5-star gourmet Chinese delivered to you on a silver platter. Damn." Louis shook his head. "Sounds like we're ordering sandwiches. Would you like a vegan sandwich on 8-grain wheat with light mayo and ginger on the side?"

"You know a place around here that has 8-grain wheat?" Harry looked to Louis like he held a magic genie lamp.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows. "No you dolt! I was being facetious. God. How do you eat anything ever?"

Harry looked defeated. "Oh. I normally make my own food. I had to learn to cook because everyone at the dorms only ever orders pizza and it was making me gain ungodly amounts of weight that didn't help me in the water. I could- I could make waffles if you have the ingredients for it?" He offered.

Louis felt bad.

You're a jackass.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for that to come off so rude. I think it's great that you eat healthy and stuff. Um, what are some things that fall within the parameters of your proper diet?"

"Well fish is always a safe route. Do you have any frozen fish?" Harry still spoke with some reluctance.

"I don't. In fact, I'm just about out of groceries. Would you be up for a trip to the store?" Louis tried to sound encouraging. He felt like he smacked a puppy.

"Yeah, that'd be fine. Do you, er, have any clothes I could change into? I've just kind of been in these all day."

And at that moment, Louis remembered that he was not wearing any underwear and was still in Harry's sweatpants. "Yes! Actually, we should both change. Thank you for lending me all of your clothes."

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