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Naruto and Y/N sat at the bar stool of Ichiraku ramen. Y/N ordered a large portion of food, Naruto was surprised that she could fit all of those noodles in her belly. They sat in silence as they ate, but Naruto felt the need to clear the air.

Naruto ; "Y/N...where were you all this time?"

Y/N paused...she didn't like talking about the place she'd just came from, in fact she wanted to forget about this place entirely.

Y/N ; "I was at a boarding school. I've been away from Konoha for a very long time...I'm glad I decided to come back though. I'm happy to see a familiar face."

Naruto ; "Boarding school ehhh? Sounds boring--"

Y/N ; "In all honesty, I thought about you a lot while I was away. I thought I'd never see you again."

Naruto was surprised, he gave her a small smile before patting her on that back softly. She turned towards him and stole some ramen noodles from his bowl in a playful manner.


Y/N let out a soft laugh and pushed her bowl towards Naruto.

Y/N ; "I won't be cruel. You can have the rest of mine, I'm full already."

Naruto couldn't help but blush as he stared at Y/N, seeing her laugh like that sparked something inside of him. Her smile was absolutely to die for, he thought he was confused but he knew what he was feeling wasn't confusion.

Naruto ; "Y/N...I wanna..."

Y/N turned all of her attention to him, in all honesty he was about to ask her for a kiss. They hadn't seen each other in years and this was only their second "date". He didn't want to come off as a creep. Naruto let out a deep sigh. He took her ramen bowl and practically downed the whole thing before standing up and stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Y/N ; "What's wrong Naruto?"

Naruto ; "I wanna walk you home. It's late.."

Y/N ; "N-No! It's fine. I can walk home by myself."

Naruto ; "Sakura was drilling me about walking girls home...but here I am tryna do the right thing and--"

Y/N ; "I'll be fine, I promise."

Y/N flashed him a quick smile before getting up and beginning to walk away.

Naruto ; "You don't even know where you're going. You said you live a little outside the village right?"

Y/N ; "How'd you know that?..."

Naruto ; "You told me when we were kids. I remember that day well."

Y/N was shocked he remembered such a tiny detail. Y/N had no choice but to let Naruto walk her home. He had her grab onto the sleeve of his jacket and he then pinched her cheek softly.

Naruto ; "Make sure you stay close to me. Wouldn't want you getting lost again."

Y/N couldn't help but smile as they walked together under the moonlight. She felt happy with him, her heart felt warm. The bitter and lonely feeling she had dwelling within her disappeared whenever she was able to see Naruto's face.

Naruto ; " am I supposed to mind my own business when she's back in town? I can't stop thinking about her...even now, she's standing right next to me and she's all I can think about."


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