First I just want to thank everyone for voting, it means a lot that you like my story and I want to apologize for my lack of update but real life just got in the way I guess and I don't want to just write a chapter so you guys have something to read, I want it to be good and be fully committed to it. When it comes to writing I am a bit picky and I rather take my time to write something good than just something shitty.  Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I probably should change Jacks (Candice father) name since it's the same name as Jack Kang (Candors leader). So not to mix them up I have changed his name to Michael instead, hope you don't mind.

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"True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island... to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing."

-                     Baltasar Gracian


The first week of initiation were intense, not just because of the hard training but because a certain leader made it more difficult. Eric seemed to make it his goal to torment me; he made me work out extra hours with him just because of my fucking mouth. Sometimes I hated myself for talking to much especially when I shouldn't. Do not get me wrong, I still believed he was wrong for what he wanted to do to that poor guy and I stand by for what I said, the extra training is fine it's just why did it had to be with Eric? He made me run until I almost collapsed of dehydration not to mention my knuckles were sore and bloody from all the punching he made me do. He even made me fight him every now and then witch I was terrified of.


I was fast asleep in my bed when someone shook me. I woke up with a jolt only to find Eric standing by my bed motion for me to be quiet. I got out of bed and saw Eric staring at me; I looked down and realized I was only wearing a tank top and panties, did I mention they were thongs. As awkward as it was, I was very thankful it was dark in the room because otherwise he would have seen me blush like a tomato. Eric soon cleared his throat and turned away so I could get dressed. When I was dressed we went straight to the training room because it was 5 a clock and the dining hall hadn't open yet. As soon as we entered the training room Eric took of his t-shirt and I couldn't help but stair, I mean he looked really good and hey, he did the same to me. Anyway I was too caught up with his exterior that I didn't hear him speak.

"Hey, princess. I know I look good and all but we don't have time for you to gloat over my body so come on get your ass out there and start running."

"I was not gloating and besides you are not so innocent yourself mister, I saw you staring at me earlier."

"Well if you had of worn something with a little more fabric than I wouldn't of have. You shouldn't sleep like that, you never know what those guys might do."

"I take my chances, why do you care anyway?"

"I don't, now stop talking, god dammit I like to get this over with before actual training."

"Geez chill, I guess you didn't wake up on the right side huh?" I gave him a small smile but he just glared at me. I signed and start running towards the exit with Eric following right behind me.

Even though it was still early the air was warm and the sun was up, shining down on us. We run and run for god knows how long, all I knew was that I was getting a bit tired and the sun didn't make it easier, the only positive was that Eric was quiet, I didn't want to get distracted by him so the silence was great. I started thinking about everything that has happen in my life up to this point. My childhood, moms' death, the years with Michael and lastly the past week that I have been here. So much has happen since I got here and it is only the first week. I met Four and Zeke again, made new friends, got a new haircut and apparently pissed of an already grumpy leader and got myself a week of punishment, way to start initiation.

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