11 Fading Zen

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Louis took Harry's hand as they headed towards the showers. Harry held the building door open for him and Louis waited for Harry to catch up, since he didn't know where the showers were. A couple halls and turns later, they were in a deserted locker room.

Harry walked over to one of the lockers and twisted the dial until it popped open and revealed a gym bag of what Louis suspected were clothes.

Ah shit.

"You wouldn't happen to have any spare towels or clothes would you? I kind of didn't think that through when I left my house this morning." Louis scuffed his foot on the tile.

"Only one towel unfortunately, so I hope you don't mind sharing. And I have a spare set of clothes, but no extra underwear, so looks like you get to go commando." Harry's tone was very whimsical and he was wearing a grin that could split his face in two.

Louis rolled his eyes. "Sure, sure. That's fine. But if I get crabs, I'm blaming you."

Harry held up his hands in mock offense. "I'm offended that you think I have such poor hygiene. Furthermore, if you were paying any attention to my clean shaven body in a small and tight Speedo, you would have noticed that I have no where for the little crabs to reside."

It's true. Louis did, in fact, notice what he could of Harry's immaculate manscaping job, and also knew that there was probably a very low chance of him contracting any kind of STD from Harry. But just to be sure...

"You haven't ever had, you know..." Louis trailed off hoping that Harry would understand his question.

"Have I ever had a sexually transmitted disease? No, I haven't. Though I do normally get cold sores after giving people oral. I got it checked out and tested, and I am Herpes-free in the genital area. My mouth however has a recurring case of Herpes Simplex A though. It's the kind that only transmits mouth-to-mouth. What was it that the doctor said about it? I believe his words were 'You've got a dirty mouth.'" Harry chuckled and grabbed his bag and headed back to the shower area. "What about you?"

Trying to quickly file that information into the 'Okay To Have Bareback Sex With, But Don't French Kiss' file, while simultaneously pondering the virtue of his barely-Harry-kissed lips, he responded and followed Harry. "No, never had an STD. Zayn was clean and he was my first, and I used a condom with everyone else."

Confused at the pause in Harry's step, he saw a look he couldn't decipher. Then it hit him.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck mother fucker. He wasn't supposed to know about Zayn.

Harry spoke. "You didn't have sex until you were 20?"

Okay. He could have asked a worse question.

"Erhm, yeah. I mean, I had messed around quite a bit before then..."

Harry was silent and continued towards the showers, organizing the things in his bag.

Oh God Louis. Way to make it awkward. Say something funny.

"So are we showering together or separate?" Louis mentally slapped himself across the face for saying that before thinking it through.

Harry froze, then turned around slowly with a smile on his face. "Well Louis, you should know I don't shower with just any of my friends. Niall is probably the only one that is allowed that privilege. But since you're you, I suppose I can make an exception. Just leave your fantasies and sex toys outside for now."

What the actual fuck did you just get yourself into? Why the- what the- Louis you're a fucking idiot. Come on, you can recover from this.

"Oh please Harold, don't flatter yourself. I have my priorities in order, and getting off in front of you is not one of them."

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