"Let's just bash it down with sheer force!" Hound howled. He bit on a bullet that he had pulled out of nowhere.

"Or have an organized plan about this," Drift said calmly, glancing at Hound.

"Look, guys, let's just go attack that thing," I said, gesturing to the direction it was in. "We don't have a lot of time." I looked at Optimus, who gave me a curt nod.

"Come on!" I declared. "For the Autobots!" I fired up the jets on my wings, and my feet lifted off the ground. I swerved around the bodies of the Autobots, who were transforming into their vehicles.

I veered around tall buildings and cars who were on the road, as well as the Autobots. "Come on!" I shouted behind me. "We don't have much time before it reaches the most populated areas."

I could hear it. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't the rushing of the wind beside my ears. It was tearing up everything in its path, no matter what the size. Police cars were zooming up behind it, trying to stop it, but I knew they were no match for this robot.

When we came to a clearing, I could see it. It was still on the freeway that I saw on top of the building, but it was closer to the city than ever. I stopped in the air and landed on the ground, wings retracting into my back. Great, I thought. My shirt is ruined.

The Autobots screeched to a halt behind me, tire peelings flying out from under them. Some even hit my back.

"Ouch!" I said, my heart jumping a little. I paused a bit to look at what we were dealing with. "Are you guys ready?"

I heard engines rev, which I guessed was they were ready.

"We need to stop him from reaching downtown!" I informed. "I need everyone to help." I narrowed my eyes as everything suddenly got drenched in crimson. I pointed at the giant robot. "Let's go!"

Shivers were sent all throughout my system, and I felt my body growing twice its size, thrice its size, and even larger than that. Everything started to shrink around me as I grew taller and taller. My soft skin turned to bullet-proof, golden plates of metal armor. My hair disappeared into an intricate headpiece that shone in the dying light. My clothes were in shreds on the ground.

The redness slowly drained from my eyes, and they turned back to their glowing blue. I guess that signified that I was done transforming.

I clenched my metallic hands as the Autobots shot past me. My feet tingled as they shifted into glowing blue wheels. I shot forward and onto the same highway that the robot was on.

The giant creature was nearing us, and I thought we were going to hit it head on. But no. Once I was sure we were going to collide, the Autobots swerved to the sides, except for Optimus. He jumped on top of it.

"Autobots, attack!" he announced.

I, on the other hand, crashed straight into the being. That stopped it. The impact was so strong it made it stumble backwards and halt.

I pulled back, trying to get my balance back on my wheels. I decided to shift them back to feet, just to not screw up anywhere.

Optimus was immediately on top of the robot's back. "Demolisher! This is no place for you to destroy."

Demolisher. So that's its name. Then it must be a Decepticon...

"Hybrid Prime! Watch out behind you!" I heard a voice shout. I turned around to see Drift sliding up on a board, holding two swords in his hands. I narrowly jumped out of the way as he rammed both of them into Demolisher's gut.

The giant Decepticon growled in pain and toppled over. Optimus took this chance to kick it off the suspended freeway, along with the help of Hound, Bumblebee, Drift, and I. The gigantic body landed on the ground beneath the highway with a crash.

We all jumped down and landed beside Demolisher's broken frame. Optimus's hand unsheathed into a sword similar to mine, except it didn't have the words Hybrid Prime on it. Optimus held the tip of the sword up against Demolisher's neck.

"Any last words?" he said in a menacing growl.

"L...Lockdown...coming...system...failing...." Demolisher managed to breath out in a raspy, robotic voice.

"Lockdown is gone, and he won't be coming back anytime soon. Say goodbye," Optimus said, and plunged his sword into Demolisher's head.

I grimaced as wires and parts snapped, and I almost had to shield my eyes from the horrible site.

Optimus recovered his sword, half the Decepticon's head still on, but he shook it off. He then retracted it back into his hand.

I looked up at the sky. The last of the light had faded, and now the sky was darker than ever. "I need to get back," I informed the Autobots.

"If there is another emergency, you know where to look for us," Optimus said, gesturing to the button on the bottom of my wrist.

I nodded, finally understanding the purpose of the button. "I will."

Shivers were sent up and down my metallic spine, and my wings unfolded from my back. "Until we meet again," I said, a small side-grin appearing on my face.

The jets on my wings fired up, and I lifted off the ground. I kept going, higher and higher, until I was well above the freeway. Then, turning my body horizontally to the ground, I put my wings into the fastest speed they could go, and flew off.

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