Chapter 1- Ghost Four

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Everything was destroyed, the four last demigods were looking at the ruins that lay of Camp Half-Blood. They were depressed looking around.

Bodies were everywhere. No one was alive, cabins were destroyed, the strawberry fields gone.

There was a flash behind the four sad demigods. They turn around and knelt slowly, showing their depression.

"You four are the last alive, please let us reward you for your bravery and survival." Zeus said calmly and a bit sad. His daughter was one of the many demigods that died.

The four looked at the gods and got off their knees. All of them looked depressed. Artemis was crying in her brother's shoulder for her hunt died. Even Ares was mourning his children.

"What is the reward?" The boy with sea green eyes that has seen to much asked, also known as Percy Jackson.

"Hebe would reward you with eternal youth and you would have something similar to Artemis's hunters,"which Artemis started to tear a bit again at the mention, Zeus winced, "you can die in battle but will live for a long time." Zeus said

Zeus then said, "You don't really have a say in it because all the gods want the last demigods alive to live for a long time. For right now we are going to not have any more children for a while. Those who are currently demigods scent and powers have been wiped."

The four looked to the gods and nodded just a tiny bit. Hebe the goddess of youth flashed in and gave them a sad small smile which they returned. She started to speak and the four started to de-age just a little bit.

The four looked at their new bodies in confusion, "Why are we 14?" The boy with blonde hair with a small scar underneath his lip said, also known as Jason Grace.

Zeus winced a little," That is part of the process you de-age to 14. The mist will be on your side when you receive Hecate's blessing, she is the only one that will give you all the powers, other than Hestia, that you need that you all share. Some of the gods will bless some of you but not all."

The four looked to the gods shocked but nodded in approval, "After the blessing we are going to leave you alone, but will visit only sometimes to check in and make sure you're all ok." Poseidon said looking at each of them gravely.

The four figured that this might happen and nodded. The gods stepped forward and blessed the person they wanted one at a time.

List of blessings:

Percy: Poseidon, Hestia, Athena, Hephaestus, Artemis, Apollo, Hera. (Seven total)

Jason: Zeus, Apollo, Hestia, Dionysus, Ares, Hera. (Six total)

Nico: Hades, Hestia, Hephaestus. (Three total)

Leo: Hephaestus, Hestia, Hermes, Athena. (Four total)

Aphrodite didn't bless any of them for they asked not to despite her wanting to.

The four thanks the gods and closed their eyes as the gods flashed away. The now 14 year olds looked around camp.

"We should bury the bodies and hide the weapons and other items." The boy that was wearing all black said, also known as Nico Di Angelo.

The three nodded, "We could make a makeshift hideout with Bunker 9." The latino boy said, also known as Leo Valdez.

The four nodded and started working on the ground once known as Camp Half-Blood. The camp fell apart after a couple of months from the battle with Gaia. Her last attack that killed all demigods but those four.

Chiron the camp director wasn't there at the time, he was with the gods and had no power to help.

The boy Percy Jackson started by talking to the freaking out Pegasus that survived, Nico Di Angelo summoned some skeleton and picked up some bodies. Leo went to make all the bodies shrouds while Jason went and and summoned some rain.

Once their jobs were mostly done they decided to bury the dead right by the strawberry field. Making a makeshift graveyard with sticks and wood they make headstones but didn't put in any bodies. Instead they burned the bodies and said things about the certain camper. Some more than others.

"We will do more tomorrow let's get the weapons and bronze back to the Bunker and lets go to bed, we need to figure out our life." Percy Jackson said looking at all of them. They nodded and started gathering all the weapons and went to bed.

So I hope you are following along I hope it's not confusing. I know that I am liking this. I do have a somewhat plan on what to do.

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