Free fall

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After about 4 hours of deep cleaning Konoha's famous monument, Y/N and Naruto had finished cleaning up. She was dog tired, she never had to do that much work in her life.  All she wanted to do was eat and go lay down at home...but she knew her father would question her whereabouts and probably yell at her...and she really wasn't up to hearing him screech in her ear. Naruto watched Y/N get lost in her thoughts. "She's even prettier than Sakura.." Naruto thought to himself. 

Y/N soon stood up and began to walk off. Naruto dusted off his hands and chased after her. "Hey where ya goin?" He asked curiously as he walked behind her. "Home." Y/N responded bluntly...Naruto frowned a bit but a smile soon came across his face. "How about we go get some ramen?! I haven't eaten all day and I've been craving ramen." He didn't seem nervous about asking Y/N out. She contemplated it for a moment then nodded her head with a slight smile. Naruto randomly shoved her and took off running.

"NARUTO..." Y/N shouted. She had had enough of his silly little childish antics. She chased after him as fast as she could and was able to keep up very well, but he suddenly just disappeared into thin air. She searched around for him but wasn't able to find him. After a bit of walking around looking for him, she bumped into a black haired boy. "Oh I am so sorry." She said a bit panicked. The boy looked down at her annoyed but simply brushed her off. "Excuse me! Have you seen a boy with Blonde spikey hair and blue eyes?" She tapped the strangers shoulder before he could walk off, but he angrily smacked her hand away. 

"No. I haven't." The boy knew exactly who she was talking about. Just as he was about to walk off, they heard shouting above them. Naruto was jumping off of a building and hurling towards them at an alarming rate. Y/N's hands flew over her eyes. He was definitely gonna die. But he landed perfectly...Y/N didn't dare to look until she heard his voice. "Apologize Sasuke! That's not how you treat a lady! A pretty one at that.." Naruto scolded Sasuke, but he wasn't listening. He just walked off and got lost in the crowd. Naruto had been following Y/N from the roof of every building she looked for him at. Seeing her search for him so hard was cute.

"Yeah that's better run off." Naruto said jokingly. Y/N stared at him, just relieved that he was okay. She wanted to hug him but was unsure of herself. Naruto watched as she struggled to figure out what she was going to do. "Are you stupid or something girl?" Naruto asked. He was genuinely confused as to why she was quite literally stuck in place. Y/N puffed up her cheeks and sulked when he said that before walking away from him. "Go get ramen by yourself.." She said. 

Naruto smiled, "You're still the same, puffy cheeks and all." He let out a small laugh before grabbing her hand and dragging her with him to go get ramen, he knew she had to be hungry by now...and he wasn't gonna let her go home on an empty stomach. She walked closely behind him, he turned to look at her and gave her a slight smile. Just then, she felt her heart flutter. Was she starting to develop feelings for him?

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