Chapter 11.

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Scarlett's POV

"Your shoulder is lumpy," I groaned as I fidgeted around in my seat trying to find a comfortable position to half sit, half lay in. However, my personal pillow wasn't exactly five star quality when it came to pillow standards.

"It's called bones," Louis replied, chuckling as he did so which sent a vibration though my body. "And you know they do offer pillows for people to sleep on."

"I know but I'd much rather lean on you, you're warm too. Unless you can find a pillow on board this plane with built in heating and a desirable smell then you're stuck with me latching onto you like a limpet."

"I didn't think you could sleep on planes?" He asked as he turned his head towards me, which unfortunately meant his shoulder, and my pillow had moved. Half of my face was now resting on the back of the seat as I sat sideways in the chair. He looked at me quizzically as he waited for my response.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" I mused before I pulled his body back towards mine and rested my head on his shoulder again. He subconsciously relaxed his head against my own and after several minutes of fidgeting we were both somewhat comfy.

Everyone around us was quiet, it was fairly unsettling. Unlike most flights we weren't sat in first class, mainly because this aircraft was only small and didn't have a first class section, it didn't even have a business class area for that matter. I wasn't too fussed; as long as I got from A to B without any mishaps I would be content. I tried to remain calm; my efforts so far were working. I had taken several calming tablets before we boarded and the green tea I washed them down with helped too.

Louis was sat against the window with my body leaning onto him. Next to me was a stranger, but he seemed liked a complete gentleman. He helped me store my hand luggage in the overhead compartment when Louis refused because he wanted to watch me struggle for pure amusement. The kind stranger, who I briefly had a conversation with also informed me his name was Rory was flying back home to his wife and eight children from being on a business trip. When he informed me he had eight children apparently my facial expression was highly amusing. He soon informed me they weren't all his kids and some were from his previous marriage, the woman whom he was currently married to hadn't popped eight children out of her system. I'd have to congratulate her if she had because that sort of stuff takes some real hard-core woman ship. As much as I'd love to have children the thought of something growing inside me for nine months and then being forcefully pushed out of my 'downstairs area' freaked me out. I wasn't quite ready for children so I admired people who were able to take that step in life, it takes a lot of courage and strength and not forgetting patience, I think most people are educated about the mood swings.

I felt my head being nudged which brought my thoughts back to the present. I gently lifted my head so my gaze met Louis'. "Mm?" I murmured lazily.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked in serious tone, oddly. It was rare he was ever so serious.

"Yeah..."I trailed off, unsure of where this was going.

"Do you ever think about Niall and Laura?"

"Uh, what do you mean?" I questioned but I was getting the slight gist of what he was implying.

"Well he's nineteen, she's seventeen and they've been dating for a year now, are you not concerned about what they might be doing?"

"I don't think the age gap makes any difference. If he were seventeen too it'd be the same situation. And they're both legal, responsible and I trust them. And I know what they do, Laura's already spoken to me about it. As long as there is no mini Niall's running around anytime soon, then I guess they should live while they're young, and get some." I replied flashing a wink towards him as he rolled my eyes at my cheesy attempt to quote their lyrics.

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