A Rodian Language

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Carrying on the tradition of Greedo in A New Hope, in Herald of Fury Rodians speak their own language, even though we have some speak in the "common" galactic tongue as well. To create this language we listened intently to Greedo's conversation with Han in the Mos Eisley Cantina, and consulted some Expanded Universe material. We found the latter had too many similarities with the common/English translation of common (banda = band, cheeta = cheat, dreenka = drink, etc.), so we picked some elements from it, but ultimately went with a more foreign sounding language.

To keep the foreignness of Rodian language up with the reader, we chose the primary character it was heard from (Anakin) to struggle with understanding it. In his viewpoint, you would get no easy translations/understanding of the phrases, which mirrors his own sense of isolation and frustration.

One thing we struggled with in making a Rodian language was in considering, "would there be one Rodian language, or many?" Humans today have approximately 6500 languages they speak; why assume Rodians would only have 1? Language extinction is a real thing, with 2000 of human languages having solely 1000 speakers in the world.

It's possible that in our species future, as globalization, cultural streamlining, and technological advancement continues, that language extinction and consolidation would also continue and potentially accelerate. With enough time, would it reduce to just 1? This seems unlikely to us, but perhaps only a select handful would survive. For the Rodian language, we chose one for simplicity's sake, but leave the possibility for more open, only showing that this group of Rodians share a common tongue. 

While we created basic grammatical rules for the Rodian speech, we'll spare you the boredom of detail. However, we thought you might enjoy a few translations of the Rodian words and sentences we've used so far in our story, even if it spoils the mystery. If you study carefully, you might become a gifted beginner at speaking our Rodian language, cajala chupa!

Ghest: Epic jungle monster native to planet Rodia. (Various chapters)

Cajala chupa: A racially charged insult meaning "human swamp slime." (Various chapters) 

Mawala fosh: An expression meaning to inspire, but literally means "to spread or light fire." (Ch 4)

Deenu: The old Rodian currency before joining the Republic. (Ch 4)

Jadu: A twisted nether in Rodian religions, akin to Hell. (Various chapters)

Owen - "Uryab sosomigab esgar bio winchico! Som okuri juran moli cajala yuro pa esgar onchi yuro sitho zumajo." : These trials are a joke! You can't treat all humans as if they are the same as the ancient Sith." (Ch 5)

Husi - "Kur cajalab jujir belichaja nur samo ooje. Moli kur makapir pinpujan." : " You humans have raped our homeland long enough. All of you must suffer." (Ch 5)

Owen - "Esgar uryab tirab cabajiku izo kiran?" : Are those lies you tell yourself to commit murder?" (Ch 5)

Husi - "Som esgi ruko izo cabajan nur lantikita, cajala brota. Pa cabaji cho ru ika, maleoso ku mina cho uduwino." : You're not fit to speak our tongue, human pig. If you speak again, it'll be my pleasure to cut your tongue out." (Ch 5)

Owen - "Uda wyoskir?" : What do you want? (Ch 5)

Chona - "Clom esgarosa jula izo turanju muyap." : There will be time to educate him later. (Ch 5)

Chona - "Pa som chiba, izo bagichiku" : If he doesn't help, shoot him. (Ch 8)

Deebu - "Uda toju esga?" : What's this? (Ch 8)

Chona - "Wyoski cusuman? Po chibuski!" : You want to live? Then comply! (Ch 8)

Deebu - "Chibanoso." : I'll help. (Ch 8)

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