Part 12

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Bella P.O.V

I slammed the door furiously, and Jake and Vicky gave me sad looks. I sighed.

Later on, i dropped jake home, and me and Vicky got to school an hour early, so i decided to set up my new rowing boat, and i brought Vicky one two. We slowly rowed down the river, when vicky moaned in annoyance. 'We're late! School started twenty minunites ago!' I shrugged. now we were here, we may aswell stay... I'll make up some phoney excuse about a tummy bug when we get home. Vicky and I spent the whole day on the river, and had alot of fun in the rapids. The rowing boats were thrown onto the rocks, splitting, not made to deal with that kind of pressure. I staggered out of the rapids, reoaring with laughter, a wet Vicky trailing behind me, laughing as well. We both rested on the banks, drying out, before we started the long trail home. after a quick hunt, we retired to our house.

At midnight, a low knocking on the door made me and Vicky sit up in our bads. glancing at eachother, we shuffeled down stairs and opened the door, and saw edward on the door step, holding a bouquet of flowers. 'Oh god, no,' I thought, and i leant my back agaist the door frame, folding my arms.

'Can I help you Edward?' I asked primly, and he flinced and the cold tone in my voice. He quickly gained compsure, and straighted up. 'I am here to take you out for dinner,' He said, and i rolled my eyes at his stupidity. 'Edward, it's tweleve O'clock at night, I'm in my pajamas, and I hate you. now tell me, why would I want to talk to you?' I snapped, and Edward groaned.

'Bella, Listen...'

'I don't want to.' I retorted, and Edward gave me 'the look'. I sighed and slunched my shouleders and nooded, indicationg i was listening.

'Bella, there is something really really important i need to talk to you about, so please, just come, and i promise, after what i hve said, you can go, just hear me out.' I paused.

'And what to I get out of this?' I asked, and Edward sighed.

'I promise not to annoy you if you listen to me.' I hesitated.


'Pinky promise.' He held out his pinky for me to link his with. I paused, and slowly linked my finger with his, and i tried to ignore the elecetric feeling that shot up my arm. Edward looked me in the eye, and i quickly looked down, avoiding his gaze.

'I'm going to go and get ready,' and ran upstairs and I slammed my bedroom door.

I picked up a red satin cocktail dress. It was low cut and showed a lot of cleavage, and it stopped mid theigh. I slipped into my black shiny heels, pulled down my hair, my dark chocolate locks tumbling down my back. I swiped on some lipgloss, clipped a white flower in my hair, and slowly walked down the stairs. I saw Vicky running down the road, and I scowled. Why was she leaving. I walked into the living room, and saw Edward looking out the window. I cleared my throat and he whipped around. His eyes bludged out of his sockets when he saw me. his eyes sub-consiously raked up and down my body. If i was human, I would be bright red. He slowly walked towards me. I swallowed as he approached me. 'Don't move,' He whispered. If i wanted to, i couldn't move anyway, I was frozen. I looked up into his golden eyes, my cold heart melting, and Edward was slowly leaning in... I jumped back, and Edwards head lurched forwads, smacking into the wall, creating a huge dent.

'We should head towards dinner now?' I suggested nervously, and Edward nodded, silently. Damn him for being so damn irrisestible... SNAP OUT OF IT BELLA! You are on very thin ice now... VERY thin...

* * * *

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