Chapter 41: I will never let you go, part 2

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I made this chapter as long as I could and I hope I haven't disappointed. Is it just me or have you ever spoken to your pet in a baby's voice? Or am I just weird? Haha I don't know, anyway I'll just let you read now...

I took him up to my room and dumped my bag on the floor. Reed picked up cat, who had been curled up on my bed and said "Who's this?"

I groaned "Mom got me it as a present"

"Does it have a name?"


"Original, you put a lot of thought into that" he said sarcastically, stroking the cat and it purred in his arms. It seemed to like everyone that wasn't me.

"I don't want it"

"Why not?"

"I'm not an animal person or a people person for that matter"

Reed glanced at me with a smirk on his face "No kidding, you'd never have guessed"

I shook my head and threw my cell phone at him; he dodged it easily and laughed "Were you aiming for my head Ellis? Cos you missed"

"Oh shut up and get over here"

He put the cat down and sat on my bed, bringing me closer and it wasn't long before we were laying on the bed.

We kissed and fooled around a lot but we didn't actually go the whole way because I was paranoid that the cat was watching us.

Reed laughed when I told him "It's a cat babe" I flicked his forehead "I'm not sleeping with you while the cat looks at me. It's creepy"

He laughed again and this time he didn't stop for ages. I sighed and tried pushing the cat off the bed but it just growled at me, wanting to be near Reed.

"Go away cat. Get your own boyfriend" I said and it scratched me, leaving three marks on my arm.

Reed finally pulled himself together and took the cat, getting up and putting it outside, in the hallway then closed the door and returned to me.

Just as I was about to take his shirt off, there was the sound of something scratching at my door and I stopped. It was too distracting.

He grumbled a few times but shut up once I started kissing him again.

I guess we lost track of time because next thing I knew, mom was coming up the stairs. I pushed Reed away and sat up "You can't be here" I said rubbing my lipstick off his mouth.

"Where do I go?"

I thought quickly "Under my bed"

He groaned but went under it just as mom came in with Cat "Why is she outside?"

"What are you doing here so early?"

She gave me a funny look and put the cat down on the floor; it raced across the room and went under my bed. I just hoped that it wouldn't get us busted.

"I always come home at nine"

I checked my cell which I'd picked up "Oh yeah"

"Have you eaten dinner?"

"Do pretzels count?"


"Then no"

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