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Alfendi walked into the room to find Lucy hooked up to a bunch of medical things, asleep soundly and wrapped in many bandages. His hair turned a shade of crimson as he walked closer.

"Why do you have to love her?" Potty Prof asked quietly as he watched her breathe calmly and slowly. His hair turned back to it's normal color and he played with her hair.

"There's so many reasons why I do. There isn't just one." Placid replied, taking a seat nearby. "But maybe if... If I didn't, it'd never happen."

"We're damaged, we're broken. I doubt she's love someone like us." Potty replied in his head.

"I can't say I agree with you. She's stuck with us ever since. If she didn't at least care, she wouldn't be here." Placid said calmly.

"I hate to admit it, but I suppose you're right." Potty replied, barely any enthusiasm. "But if she leaves us, I blame-" However, his thoughts were interrupted by Lucy, who was groaning in pain as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Lucy!" Both Placid and Potty said at the same time, again creating that strange melded voice.

"P-Prof..." Lucy said in pain, yet sounding relieved. "I thought you'd never come for me..."

"You know I'd come for you anyway." Placid said, smiling softly. Potty came in control for a short time, saying, "I've told you multiple times to take care of yourself! Why don't you do that!?"

'Control yourself.' Placid said to Potty, who grunted.

"I'm sorry..." Lucy replied, looking down sadly.

"No need to be sorry. It's my fault Lucy, If you were never my assistant, this would have never occurred." Placid replied to her, feeling quite guilty.

"Stop... Don't say that. I've had the best time of my life in the Mystery Room. Don't think this one incident is going to bring me down!" Lucy said, even in her condition, sounding quite motivated.

"Of course you'd say that." Placid said. He briefly changed to Potty, who said, "That's you after all...." For a brief moment.


Alright! Now that's the end of this Lucifendi fanfiction but guess what? I'm not done yet! I have another one published right now called: Wrong Words, Alfendi. If you saw the last title, ignore it. I scrapped the idea. The Lucifendi community isn't going to go dead just yet!

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